If Women Had “Hubby-Vision”

Hey, are we still going out tonight? Yeah! I just need a minute. Alright, I’ll go get ready. “Hubby-Vision: See the world through your husband’s eyes.” Kevin… I thought you said you were gonna take the trash out! (off-screen) It’s not time yet! There’s still plenty of room in there! They work! He fixed it! Oh… He “fixed” it… I taught him well. What…? Kevin… You left your shoes in the middle of the room again. Oh! There they are! You ready to go yet? You probably haven’t noticed… …but I haven’t changed clothes yet. Hmm… Whoa! Look at the walls! There really is a difference between “pebble gray” and “driftwood!” Hey honey! Have you seen the walls?! Did you know these pictures are crooked? Nothing fits. Everything looks terrible. Let’s just go eat dinner. Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit renasantbank.com to learn more. Hey y’all! Thanks for watching. If you like this video, check out our other videos right here. And you can subscribe right here! You have a stain on your shirt. -What? Where?
-No, right here. -I don’t see anything.
-No, right here. -Where?
-It’s right here. Look. It’s, like, right here.


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