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You have
the Kung Pao chicken? No, I didn’t
get anything. Oh, oh. Q:
You got nice eyes. You have nice eyes. “I used to be
an optometrist”. I actually went to school
for optometry. No joke. “I also went
to Georgetown, but now
I’m delivering packages”. I also —
I went to Georgetown University. Now I’m delivering
packages in Yonkers. Nothing wrong
with it. Where’s that doctor
with my money? [ Laughter ] I left the cash over
at the receptionist. Okay, you could’ve
given it to me. J– Just — Okay, thank you.
-Okay, can we just get — [ Both laugh ] The last thing
I got to do with you is I just want you
to read the chart. -What’s going on?
-G-E-F-A-L. Q: Murr, he didn’t
give you enough money. He shorted you $1.
He shorted you $1. Son of a bitch. No tip. Can you read the —
Yes? You shorted me $1
and there’s no tip. I’m —
I’m — we’re with a patient. Please, you have to
stay in the — [ Both laugh ] Oh! I’m sorry. I left it with
the receptionist, I just said. [ Bell dings ] Receptionist?
Get in there! I left it with the receptionist.
I gave you it. Sorry about the mix up. You know… He said
I shorted you $1. Me again. Give it to the delivery guy.
I can’t believe this today. -Oh, the delivery guy —
-I cannot believe this today. David, get your things.
You’re — You’re — You’re fine. You passed this
with no problem and I — — -Doctor.
-You got your hair. Give him
the Chinese food! Can you do me a favor?
Can you have the lunch, please? Take the lunch. -I don’t want it.
-Take the lunch, please. Oh, well, that’s —
you’re right. You’re right
not to eat it. I mean,
whose was this? It’s his. -It’s my tip.
-Congratulations, buddy. -I got my damn tip!
-So he lost. What is
this Chinese food? -That’s mine. Bring it out.
-That’s Murray’s. Bring it down. Okay. [ Laughter ]


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