improve eyesight | ये लडडू खाने से बच्चों का चश्मा उतर सकता है | Bhune Chane Ke Laddu

Hello friends. Today I am going to make chickpea balls, or ‘chane ke laddu’. They improve eyesight, and are beneficial in various eye diseases, and migraine. It is very effective recipe with fast results. So lets start. To make chickpea balls, you will need.. 250 grams roasted gram, or chickpea. whose peels are removed. 50 grams fennel, 50 grams dry coriander, 50 grams melon seeds, 50 grams cashews, 150 grams desi ghee, 50 grams almonds, 50 grams raisins, 25 grams cardamon powder. 20 grams white pepper, 250 grams rock sugar, You can get such small rock sugar too, but we have to use the big ones like this. It appears like this. This type of rock sugar is better in quality. Remember to break it into smaller pieces before using. See, I have grinded it in the mixer. I have also grinded almonds, cashews, and cardamon. Turn on the gas, and add melon seeds to it. Stir it. These are melon seeds, and are extremely beneficial for the eyes. Roast it just a little. See, they are done. Now turn off the gas. Add it in mixing jar. Turn on the gas, and add white pepper. Roast a little. It is beneficial for eyes too. Roast it only for 1-2 minutes. Turn off the gas, and add in mixing jar. Lets grind them. We have grinded them. Lets take it in a large bowl. Keep it aside for now.  Turn on the gas, and add dry coriander (remember do not add coriander powder) and roast a little. If added without roasting, then it will be difficult to eat. The tatse of dry coriander is not so good. So if making for children, cut down the amount. For children taste is most important. Do not burn it black. Just roast a little. Roast it just enough. Take it out in mixing jar. Now we will grind it while still hot, otherwise it will be difficult to grind these seeds. It is ready. add it in the first bowl too. Coriander is good for eyes, and stomach. Keep it aside. Turn on the gas, and add gram flour in the pan. And 6 teaspoon desi ghee. Do not roast too much, as the gram were already roasted. Quite a fragrance. Roasting it too much will bitter its taste. It is ready. Turn off the gas. take it out in first bowl too. Add grinded almonds, cashews, fennel, cardamon, and rock sugar. Mix them all. You can use hands, or spoon to mix. Press the knots of rock sugar to break them. Add desi ghee, and mix thoroughly using hands. You can add more ghee if the dough doesn’t bind., It is thoroughly mixed, and is binding too. Add raisins, and mix. It is mixed. Now, make balls. Take some mixture, roll it with your palms, and make balls of any size you want. The continuous use of laptops, and mobile cause tremendous eye pain. These balls will help in relieving this eye pain, and distress. I have added a piece of cashew to garnish it. Lets put it in a plate. Prepare others too similarly. This is an extremely beneficial recipe for eye. I learned this from my mother, who has great knowledge about Ayurveda. Do like my video, and subscribe to my channel, and click bell icon to receive instant updates about my videos. We will meet soon with a new recipe. Stay happy and healthy. Bye bye


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