Incurable Skin Disease Healed | Miracle Encounter

Tell us about your granddaughter, sir Our granddaughter’s name is Ivana and when Doctor Robin Harfouche met
our little beautiful granddaughter who was literally 18 months old,
close to 20 months old, in that range But this was a slender beautiful little child
who we adored, we loved but she was born sick terribly sick From the top of her head down to her toes she was scarlet, she was itching,
she was sick When Robin Harfouche and Doctor
Harfouche came to Anchorage, Alaska we went down to the Egan Center knowing that International Miracle Institute
was going to be there in Alaska I knew very little about IMI, but I did know this that God was working miracles through
the ministry of the Harfouches who we now love dearly, my wife and I But when Doctor Robin Harfouche
saw this child suddenly one night in Anchorage, Alaska the hair of this little beautiful child was bald her skin was full of rash her body was running, oozing with infection And at that time as a Bishop of the Moravian Church I had faith, my wife had faith, We agonized before God day and night We fasted and prayed, but yet God did not answer our prayer
for healing for this little child But let me tell you Doctor Robin
we had faith That night when you came and showed
your love to our little granddaughter and you began to pray after
laying on your hands something new came into our lives Not only faith, but hope came Hope and let me tell you This little child, we literally thought
that we were going to lose her The doctors had done everything
they possibly could They gave her steroids, very heavy medications and different kinds That’s why her hair was gone Ever since she was a little girl, real tiny, she was bald because of the steroids she had Within 3 months this child was healed Completely healed And all glory to God Glory to God Hallelujah And with a full head of hair Her skin is completely clear and
she’s so beautiful and she has a loud voice God’s going to use her someday And a full head of hair

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