Indian Ear Cleaning | STONES?!

So in India, one thing which gets offered to tourists is cleaning ears Oh my god! It feels weird In Hampi, a small village in the south Donna and James decided to give it a try… This is Donna, she’s just getting her ears cleaned… Inside there’s a stone, this is very bad As the man started, he briefly warned us that sometimes he finds stones You’re going to put WHAT in my ear? Dont worry Don’t pop my ear drum now… What does it feel like? It’s a little bit weird. It’s like when you stick a cotton bud too far in your ear! Come and look at how much wax he’s pulled out of one ear drum! Look at how much crap he’s picking out! That’s just one ear This cleaning is very good sir We didn’t show any doubt in him, yet he kept nervously convincing us that he was doing a good job This cleaning, this very good, very nice. This long time not cleaning, this very bad All this unnecessary defence, made us suspicious… Where did you learn to clean ears? In Delhi From the masters, from the master ear cleaners I have a doctorate in cleaning ears Just one look! Also people have used this cleaning: France, this one England! This very big stone, this very hard stone inside Stone?! Yeah Donna was safe. James wasn’t so lucky! Any stones? Yeah Oh F**k I can hear it Son of a bitch Go on, I’ll pay for you to have them cleaned I DONT WANNA! I DONT WANNA! Go on, do it! Open mouth He’s pulling out stones from James’ ear This is absolute crazy! Oh my God! I’m skeptical I am not skeptical, I’ve seen him pull them out I can hear better How did I miss them though? Because they’re deep in your ear! Surely you would be deaf if they were that bad… You’re a new man! how do people get stones? This grows 20 years, long time After putting out multiple stones
they put a price on each one Demanding thousands of rupees! 500 rupees per stone! Per stone?! Now you tell us… It IS too much. 1 stone discount?! That’s still too much 500 But a doctor didn’t even find those stones in my ears. I had my temperature checked by a doctor, and he didn’t see these in my ear He had microscope. Look in ear. No find! 100 per stone. OK put the stones back in my ear then I can’t pay that much to have my ears cleaned With regret, we negotiated a price, returned to our guest house, and told the owners about the stones They all laughed at us… It was all a scam! Do you know what the first Google hit will be? ‘Cleaning con’ The problem is you’re f**ked, because one they’re in there what you gonna do? Leave them? You go; ‘We’ll yeah, can you take them back out again please?’ We think maybe that you put stones in ears… No don’t say that Osca… Ahh he smiled to that… I don’t know… So the moral of the story: Don’t get your is cleaned in India


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