I Guero where you are? I hear nothing I have earache I have inner ear infection herbonautas beloved ones today we’ll talk about infections in the middle ear internal or external five magisterial remedies: first remedy the plant called Echinacea purpurea add 30 drops of the extract in the natural juices and take 3 times daily this will help not only against bacterial infection fungal or viral also but also increase the functioning of our immune system second remedy is garlic oil We put a drop in the bad ear once daily It is an excellent natural antibiotic remedy the third remedy called goldenseal a plant whose scientific name is Hydrastis canadensis We put 20 drops in half glass of water and we take it three times daily another remedy is called Verbascum thapsus a plant with yellow flowers which are prepared in the form of you, we can add a small teaspoon of dried flower for each cup of hot water to prepare with a little honey three times daily the fifth natural remedy is the holy leaf Mentha piperita put a tablespoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water with honey and take it three times daily ay, it hurts so much I want to wear the five remedies at once the rule is as follows take only an internal remedy and an external remedies at once for example if you put in your ear a drop of garlic You can combine it with goldenseal or Echinacea purpurea or Mentha piperita but not use all remedies at once because sometimes natural remedies can counteract if you liked the video click I like it subscribe to my channel if you have not yet done and also leave comments about the remedies you use your in your home to heal earache bye


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