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[ Music ]>>How can I explain this? We’re doing a workshop
for a project that is in fact a longer
script, so I thought, “What if we took a
short version of it and did an experimental
workshop and just got to play with the ideas and
material and elements then because my colleague Gray
Frederickson was here at OCCC?” and met you all and saw the
new facilities. He sort of cooked up the
idea, “Why don’t you come and do it here and do it
as an actual class project that students would get
credit for helping out and we could all benefit?” Live cinema is when it’s been,
C does cinematic where it, the story’s not just being told
by character speaking lines in a play, but by montage and
by parallel cutting and the use of the shots and the
structure of the, of how the shots are
built to achieve a result. So it’s cinema. So I thought, “How interesting. What if I took the technology
that’s available today for the modern football
game, all that technology, what if we applied all of
that to tell a good story?” You know, last night I had
an epiphany and it came to me that in this new
form of live cinema, the concept of precision
is paramount, whereas it’s not
paramount in cinema. It’s not paramount in
television or live television. Why? Because in cinema, if you
have something like that happen, if it’s not quite being precise,
then you can always do take two and take three until you get one
that it all had fallen together. And in live television,
their philosophy, if you just light everything,
with immense amount of light from the grid, so it’s what, you
know, everything is illuminated, and then the cameras
are just big zoom lenses and they’re following
everyone around, so there’s absolutely no shot. There’s no concept of
a shot that is precise. And I realize that in this
notion of live cinema, precision becomes
a real mantra. But that’s, you know,
that’s the thrill. It’s the difference
between perfection and what’s not perfection
that makes it exciting for everything, for all art. [ Music & Singing ] You know, this is not a movie. This is not a play. This is live cinema and we
don’t even know what it is because we’re going
to invent it. [ Music ]

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