Installing Metal Tech FJ Cruiser Red Eye Bumper

Today we’re going to show you how to
install Metal Tech’s new red-eye bumper on the
Toyota FJ Cruiser Before we begin read the instructions carefully lay out
all the parts that came with the kit there’s no requirement for welding or
drilling into the frame Metal Tech has included everything
you’ll need. To get started remove the spare tire and the mount that
attaches it to the rear door after removing the mount, reinstall the
hardware on the driver side that’ll keep the
water out and will be reusing the passenger side
hardware later pulling the plastic cover off the rear bumper means and undoing
several bolts on top the little plastic clip inside the door
on the passenger side and four more bolts underneath. In order to get the side to release from the truck you gonna need to give a couple good
solid even pulls start at the bottom and work your way up applying steady pressure. Now stop! if your rig has backup sensors you wanna
undo them before removing the plastic cover all
the way of the bumper this is also the time clean up the frame
take a look and see if there’s any excess welding splatter and if there is take a grinder or a file to clean it up we want a smooth surface to mount the
bumper to. Remember those bolts on the top of the plastic cover we’re going to remove the plates that
used allow them to bolt together we’re also gonna bend back 3 attachment
points that are no longer needed with the Red Eye in order to keep a clean look on the
track the Red Eye bumper reuses part of the original plastic.
Remove the clips that are holding the wings in place and then discard the wings we’re gonna
be hanging onto the large black plastic corners time to start cutting the side panels away from the original bumper cover
start off with large raw cuts we’ll refine them later as we go it’s a good idea to mark the section of
the bumper you’ll be cutting away. This will make sure
that you know which side to the line we should always be on while you’re
making your cuts remember at this point we’re just making
rough cuts in a bit we’re gonna hang the bumper
cover back on the truck just to see if we’ve
got a general fit. As we bring the pods into place will
refine our cuts to ensure a proper finish before we both up the Red Eye’s corner
module we’ve got a little pre-assembly work to
do. We’re going to start with the landing pad. These high density nylon pads will help control the vibrations in the
swing arm as you travel down the trail the kit comes with a threaded triangular plate we’re gonna use that to
attach our landing pad to the passenger side corner module. The landing pad is adjustable to ensure proper alignment we get it on the truck so we’re gonna wanna leave this loose it
will tighten it down later Each of the corner modules has two holes they’re gonna need to be
tapped. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tap and die set the kit came with specially hardened
bolts just for this purpose Time to place our corner modules and
make any final adjustments to the plastic corners. Don’t forget, take little bit of a time until get it just right. To make alignment
easy first we’re gonna hand tighten the pods
to the bumper then we’re gonna establish our alignment
for the passenger side tighten that down with the wrench,
assemble the swing arm and attach that, then come back and make sure that we have alignment on the driver side don’t worry if it sounds a little
confusing we’ll show you step by step along the way Because every truck settles a little differently over time some other spaces may take a little
encouragement with the corner modules in place it’s time the hand packed the bearings
with Molly or lithium grease drop the large a radial bearing into the
pivot shell on the swing arm make sure the taper the bearing is facing
towards the taper the race that’s already in the shell then
tap the lip seal in the place quick tip here a little grease on the
outer part in the seal makes its eat a lot easier. Time to install the swinger. Lower it onto the pivot. Place the smaller tapered radial bearing in place lock it down with the washer and nut then make sure its swings evenly before tightening it all down with the wrench as you hand tighten the nut a few
wiggles on the swing arm will help seat everything into place Time for us to install the latch that’s
gonna hold the swing arm in place let’s begin by assembling the latch next we’re gonna take the clip attach
that to the landing pad and then finally the latch itself to the
swing arm with everything in place let’s bring it all together check for
alignment and then tighten it all down when complete the latch should pull the
swing arm tightly up against the landing pad but still open up and swing freely with the swing arm latched down slide
the driver side pod in that place tighten with a wrench and alignment
should be good now don’t forget to go back and torque
all your bolts to finish it off we’re gonna lock are not in place with
the cotter pin and then cover it all up with the dome Let’s secure the deck in place using the 4 bolts that we previously tap
their holes with. Before we install the spare tire first we’re gonna need to get a
backspace measurement. We’ll transfer that measurement onto the stinger that holds
it in place We’ll install the bolts that will hold our hi-lift Jack for easy
access right on the swing arm the Red Eye’s door link attaches to the rear door reusing the
hardware they had originally held factory
tire mount in place the adjustable door link arm is next attaching to the swing arm and the door
link plate with everything in place check for a smooth even operation. If you ordered the optional gas can carrier you can now attach it to the Red Eye’s swing arm. The
Metal Tech Red Eye bumper installation is complete and you’re ready for your next adventure.


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