iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working (solved!) – Easy Solution

Hello Friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Video #44 In my previous video, I showed you some new iOS 11 features and today I’m going to give you a solution for most common problem for Phone owners and that is, iPhone ear speaker is not working or iPhone is having a low volume during a call. And these are the solutions that I’m going to discuss today. if this video helps, give it a big thumbs up and share it with your friends and loved ones! So, with that being said, let’s get started! Basically, the most common reason for low volume during a call on your iPhone is the lint and the dirt particles that gets clogged on the speaker grill of the earpiece. You need to clean it up in an appropriate way to get your iPhone volume back to normal. So, the very first thing that you need to do is to switch your iPhone off. Now, grab a dry q-tip, get a little rubbing alcohol and hold your phone face down (i.e. screen toward the ground) as to not get this alcohol in your phone. Now, get some little alcohol on the q-tip and start rubbing the q-tip across the earpiece lightly. Do this four to five times. You can also place your mouth over the ear piece, then suck and blow with mouth covering to remove the lint and dirt particles clogged inside the earpiece speaker grill. Well, why alcohol? Because it evaporates and you don’t want to spoil your iPhone’s ear speaker permanently. Now, once you’re done cleaning the ear speakers four to five times, switch your iPhone ON. And call one of your friends or family members and increase the volume. You should see that the ear speaker volume is back to normal and you should hear the caller very well. You shouldn’t see a low volume during a call anymore! So, I hope this method helps resolving your iPhone’s ear speaker not working issue. And well, even if it doesn’t work for you, follow the other steps that I’m going to show you now. Just head over to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone. Tap ‘General’ Tap ‘Accessibility’ Scroll down all the way to ‘Hearing’ section and make sure this ‘Phone Noise Cancellation’ is off. If it is ON in your case, put it off. This works for many people. It might work for you as well. Now, go and call your friends and check out the ear speaker volume. If that too doesn’t work for you, put this ‘Hearing Aid Compatibility’ option ON. And check the ear speaker volume. This also works for many people. And now, last but not the least, I want to share one more thing. When you purchase a new iPhone, there is a small plastic cover sitting on the ear speaker which may block the caller’s voice during a call. So make sure to remove it. It’s a very basic advice, but it still helped many people. So, this brings me to the end of the video. If you’re able get this iPhone’s ear speaker not working issue resolved, let me know in the comments below. And if this video helped, do not forget to share it with your friends and loved ones. Thank you for staying with me. I hope to see you soon. And like always, subscribe, stay tuned and keep the notifications ON for my next videos. Thank You!


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