Is it Bad if Water Gets in Your Ear?

Is it bad if water gets in your ear? Not really, since it usually comes right back
out. Otherwise, no one would want a bath tub, ever. I’ve heard that can cause all kinds of health
problems. If the water gets in the ear and stays there
long enough, it can go stagnant and cause an ear infection. I heard it could go behind the ear drum and
cause a problem. You probably have problems with drainage and
the Eustachian tubes. But yes, if it gets behind the ear drum, it will cause an ear
infection. I’ve heard people could have fluid in the
ear that dampens their hearing and causes pain. That’s more likely to be because you had a
cold and the mucus from the nose flows behind the ear drums, instead of water from the shower
or swimming getting around the ear drum. So that’s snot, not water. Yeah. And that snot can get infected, too. How do I get it out? One option is drinking a lot of water. That seems counter-productive. Drinking water will cause the body to equalize
pressure while you swallow, and hopefully some of the water or snot in your ears will
get sucked into your throat. I could blow my nose. That makes my ears pop. That could actually force snot and germs into
the ears. Or I could take a decongestant. That’ll stop the formation of new snot that
can get in the ears, but it won’t get rid of what is already there. Let’s say it is water in my ears. I heard
if you have water in your ears, use ear drops to get rid of it. A few drops of rubbing alcohol is a cheap
alternative. And that will sterilize the area, too. At least you’re listening to what you can
hear me say.


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