Jennifer Lawrence Red Carpet Look (Gray Smokey Eye) Makeup Tutorial with Robert Jones

Robert: Okay so today we’re going to do
Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet look from the Oscars. And for the red carpet, she wore a smoky gray eye. So that’s what we’re going to do. Now because she did a smoky gray eye and it’s I’m going to be doing a smoky gray eye, I only foundation from the eyelid up. I’m going to wait until afterwards to clean off and foundation from the eyelid down. too, make sure it’s nice and clean because there’s going to be a lot of fall out on the eye shadow. So I’m going to wait and do that part afterwards. Okay, I’m going to use my brush number twenty two and a matte vanilla. I’m going to highlight her brow bone. Then I’m going to take my brush number twenty seven and a matte caramel and I’m going to start to smoke out her eyelid. Starting at the base of the lash line, bring that color up and over that entire lid. Now depending on your skin tone, if you want to recreate this look this shade would change. If you’re paler, because Jennifer Lawrence has a darker skin tone she did use a caramel. But if you were paler, you could use a matte taupe for this shade. You want to go with a shade that’s more
complementary to your skin tone. If you went to caramel on skin that is way too pale, it’s going to look too orange. We’re just starting to get the deepness and richness at the eye. Taking my number thirty and laying a little more color right at the base. Blending it out with number twenty eight. Now I’m going to do a layer of mascara. I’ve curled. Look at me real quick. I went ahead and did a curl a little bit ago. I’m gonna do a little bit more curling. Her lashes are so straight that I wanted to really give them a chance to curl so I did it a little bit ago. Alright now with a layer of mascara I’m going to start with my, add on my gray. Using my number twenty seven, I’m going to start to layer on the gray. Blending it out with my twenty eight. I want to get more precise so I’m gonna use my thirty, start layering it more heavily. I’m kind of patting it in. So I’m really getting a nice heavy layer on there. Then blending it out. Now, I want to start to create more drama at the base so I’m going to take a black eyeliner. I’m going to line right at the lash line. Now, because I want to make sure it’s as intense as possible at the lash line, I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to take my number forty one brush, open and look down, and I’m going to push black eyeshadow into the base of the lashes. So I can make sure it’s as dark as possible at the base. Now I’m gonna take my number eighteen brush and some more black shadow. I’m going to set that line and I’m going to pull up. So we get nice dark intensity right at the base. Taking number thirty and some black shadow. Getting some more intensity at the base. And just very lightly blending it out. Brushing off some of the excess shadow that we dripped. Oh, I’ve got to clean some of that off now. Looks like someone socked you. Look up. And you can see why we want to wait to do our foundation and concealer underneath here. Now I’m going to apply and lash and then we’ll come back after I get the lashes on. I’ve put her lashes on. Let the glue dry, I cleaned up underneath her eyes which you all saw earlier on that sponge how much fell then. Put her foundation on on the lower half of her face. Powdered and now we’re gonna finish off our eye. We’re going to take our number thirteen brush….maybe. It’s right in front of me. There we go. We’re going to take our matte caramel, look up for me. And we’re going to apply it to the lower lash line. All the way across. And this is important, the order that we’re going to do this in because we want this to really blend. We’re now going to take our pencil. We’re going to do this before our accent color. And we’re going to get it right into the base of the lashes. Just a nice thin line. Now, I don’t want to say you stop halfway. But what you want to do is you want to start to fade away. So as you go across it starts to just start fading off. ‘Cause always with your lower lash line you want the color to be most dramatic in the outer corner, slowly fading away as you go across. Now we’re gonna take number thirteen brush and our dark gray and we’re going to go over that. Just blend it out. Now we’re going to mascara your bottom lashes. Then we’re going to mascara your top lashes into the false. Making sure to really blend them together on the inside corner. Look down for me. Alright now we’re just going to give her a little bit of a glow. Bronze her cheeks. And then because her lips are so naturally red, so much natural color, this look I want to have a little bit
less. But just the tiniest bit less. I want to be really careful. I just want to barely conceal the edge away. And then I’m going to come back with a gold and pink gloss. Here we have Jennifer
Lawrence’s red carpet for the Oscar’s makeup tutorial look. It’s all about a gray smoky eye. Remember you want to keep it really dark and intense at the base of the lashes. And keep the rest of the face really nice and nude. She did have a pink, golden pink lip. Everything else was just flawless and clean and it was really the smoke was kept
really tight to the eye. So that it didn’t come down really low underneath the bottom lash line. Okay, so colors, we have a matte beige, a matte caramel, a shimmer gray, black liner, matte black, and then a pinky gold. Alright we’re going to take her away, bring her hair down, and we’ll bring her right back.


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