John Ka Challenge – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

What is happening john? You are sitting idle? I think your theft business not working properly. You said right Dr. Jhatka. What are you people also doing? You people are also sitting idle here waiting for Motu-Patlu to come. You people are also without work just like your friends too. Hey, you called my friend good for nothing, they are not good for nothing, they are very brave. Dr. Jhatka you being a scientist, why have you kept a stupid person like Motu as your friend? Hey John again you called my friend a fool, Motu is not stupid, he is simple and innocent and intelligent also. He is intelligent! Haha! I can fool him whenever I want to. If that is the case, I bet you to make a fool of them. Motu, what is the time? Yes, I will tell you right now, It’s 10 o’clock. Bye! What happened? Why did John go away so hastily? Hey Motu he made a fool of you. Look, he asked you the time and the milk from your hand has fallen to the ground. Tea vendor please give me milk again, I will wear the watch upside down. So that John cannot make a fool of me again. Motu, please tell me the time again. John, now I won’t be fooled, I am ready. It’s 10.30, oops how come it fell down again? I was all ready this time. Again I made a fool of Motu, I am very happy. Motu my brother, my big brother John is making a fool of you again and again. I will take revenge on John, every count of it. When did john become a doctor? Patlu quickly call Chingam sir and get this fake doctor arrested. Patlu, now is the time to take revenge on John. I will go to him for treatment with such a disease that he will never be able to cure it. Let it be, no need to call Chingam sir. Motu think it over once again or else it will be like, you yourself inviting everyone to hit you. Patlu my friend you don’t worry, I will go and tell him that I am not feeling hungry. How he can make me hungry forcefully? Even If I am hungry I won’t tell him. You just wait here, I will go and come back with fifty thousand. John the Don, how did you become a doctor? Why? Do you have any problem? No, I don’t have any problem, I just came as I saw your board outside. I want to get my disease cured, I don’t feel hungry, now you cure my disease. Why not? If I have made a commitment I will surely fulfill it. Only thing is, I have a lunch break for some time, I will just come back. Motu, samosas are your favorite! Eat them, no one is looking, I won’t tell anyone. Sure, John brother, thank you. Ok, you have eaten all the samosas, now give me my ten thousand rupees. What ten thousand? You have read the board outside, if the disease is real than ten thousand rupees. You told me that you don’t feel hungry and now you are feeling hungry. That is why you gobbled up all the samosas. No, this is cheating, take this Ten thousand. What happened did you get the money from John? In-fact he got away with ten thousand from me. He lured me with samosas. Yes! I had told you, go and make a fool of you, now you understood You yourself asking him to come and hit you. Don’t laugh Patlu, this time I will tell him I have lost taste of food, he won’t be able to bring the taste back. Whatever food he gives me to eat I will eat and tell him it has no taste at all. John, I have lost the taste of my mouth, bring back the taste. Number two, give him the medicine from the drawer. Take this medicine for taste. This is petrol! Look you got the taste back, you found out it is petrol, give me my ten thousand. Did you get fifty thousand? Again he fooled you, let’s call Chingam sir and get John arrested. No! I will leave only after getting out rupees fifty thousand from John. Dr. Sir I have lost my memory, I cannot remember anything, please cure me with medicine. Yes, why not? Number 2 give the memory medicine from drawer number 2. But there was the medicine of taste in drawer number 2 which was petrol. Look, you got back your memory, give me ten thousand again. Motu, many times have I told you not to get involved with John’s tricks, he has left you a poor guy. We will have to teach John a lesson. Sir I will pick it up. Why did you take the trouble? Don’t go on our age, presently also we are very young. We have lot of strength, If we want, we can beat anyone in kungfu karate. Old man you cannot even pick up the stick. You haven’t still seen our kungfu karate. Is there anyone in Furfuri town who can beat us? We will give him one lakh rupees, am I saying right Teetu brother? Yes you are right Peetu brother. Tea Vendor, on this talk feed us some Samosas. Yes eat, do not know if you will get a chance again or not? Tea Vendor, this samosa is very heavy, please cut it into two halves. Oh brother, you cannot even lift one samosa and you want to fight kungfu karate. Over that you have kept a reward of one lakh rupees, now only God can save both of you. Yes, do not go on our strength, we do such kungfu karate, is it not Teetu brother? Yes Peetu brother. It is time to earn one lakh rupees. Peetu sir come on let’s have a fight now, Teetu sir keep one lakh ready. Today it is a matter of pride for Furfuri town. Ok son, as you wish son. Ok, ready steady go. Sorry! It was a mistake, old man. Never ever cheat anybody or else I will beat you a lot. How could this happen, a old man with such power? This is cheating this is cheating you made a fool out of me by posing as an old man. I had told you, Motu and Patlu are not stupid, they are very intelligent, very courageous Motu is not stupid he is just innocent, return him all his money. I will return back all the money.


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