Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Ang misteryosong sakit sa balat ni Bernadette

Do you believe in Karma? This woman people believe that this is because of karma that’s why her face looks like this. black pigments are showing up, drying and her face is cracking up. and even wrinkling. She is a 32 year old woman named Bernadette because of her condition, she can’t face the public. She looks ugly i’ts discusting. It’s like it’s melted plastic. Her skin looks ugly it’s frightening. Ever since I was a kid. I was bullied. Especially kids, when they see you Monster, monster! just like that. She was burned! they say that. They call me stuff like that. I brought that until I grow up. Bernadette’s mom, Jonah told us the story When she was still in her womb There’s this unexpected guest arrived in their house. one big toad! How did this toad came into our place?! You pest! Die you pest die! In fear of her husband, named Bienvenido He killed the toad. He smashed the toad with a piece of wood. bloody. I told him why did you kill the toad? I’m in my pregnacy with Bernadette for about 3 months And when Jonah gave birth, she was surprised when they saw the face of their baby Bernadette It seems that it kinda looks like the toad that was killed by her husband Bienvenido. That’s why they thought that karma went upon them. They asked where did I conceived my baby? I told them I did not conceive her My husband did. I remember that toad before. I was pissed. I told myself why did I get this kind of baby? I was planning of giving her away before actually. But motherhood still sink on Jonah’s thoughts. I accepted it already because she was given by God. the baby can’t go anywhere. One of our elders advice me Your daughter is your lucky charm. That’s why I accepted her already. Until when she started schooling She was being picked on by the kids. Teasing her. You’re ugly! You’re ugly! There I would cry, and defend her. Regardless, Bernadette grew up to be a friendly person “We are all pretty right!?” I am friendly, just like what they are saying like I am not outgoing. or grumpy. with a bad attitude. I have a lot of friends. “Look at her she’s so black and ugly.” But she wasn’t excused from the mean words. Like they tell me i’m a monster, I’m black. everything as in. I am not that kind of person, but at first I feel bad about it. But afterwards, i’m fine. I’m Ok. It’s just normal, I act casual. Because of this, she lost her self confidence She experienced much worst. When my Dad passed away I lost interest in continuing my studies, because I thought My mom can’t support us anymore because she is now a single parent. And it’s hard to push that. Instead of studying, Bernadette helped her mom by selling Tinapa like many teen agers she also got a crush before. “I have many crushes but I didn’t take it seriously. I just look at them. like that” It’s my crush! like that.

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