Key West Neck Pain Relief

– Hi, Dr. Michael, Key
West Spine and Injury. I wanted to do this video
today about neck pain, more specifically, neck pain relief. This is relevant information
for everybody out there. 65% of Americans between 18 and 34 will experience chronic
pain in the next year, so obviously it’s even
higher for those older. This is good information for everybody. So with neck pain, what we wanna look at is something called the
Normal Spinal Model. The Normal Spinal Model is simply that you’re supposed to be
straight from this picture, and then from the side
it’s just the opposite, you want curves. So, curves here, straight
here, Normal Spinal Model, opposite ideas from 90 degrees. Now with neck pain, honestly, this picture is not generally the problem. The problem results from
problems with the curve view, the side view, so let’s
take a look at that. So here’s the big issue. Your Normal Spinal Model is gonna line up your ear right over your
shoulder, that’s normal. What we see here is we
come up off the shoulder, the ear’s not here, the ear’s
been translated forward. Forward Head Posture. And how this occurs is either two ways. Slow, looking down at your computer. But the big one is fast,
a whiplash, a car crash. You whip your head outta position and it gets thrown forward, which then completely throws
the normal engineering, the mechanics off your spine. That’s gonna effect the
muscles and the pain. Disks are gonna be damaged. The ligaments are stretched. So all of these injuries occurring from that car crash really whip
the curve out of your neck. That’s the most common cause
of neck pain right there. So here’s an actual example of
a real patient, a real x-ray. This red is the normal line, but the bones are actually
way off that red line. Now flip side over here. Here we have that normal curve, so that’s a good one, that’s a bad one. But it’s not just good and bad. This is the same patient, this is a before and after picture. So this is a great example of
how we can fix this whiplash, that Forward Head Posture position. And so if you got value out of this today, please like, comment,
subscribe to our channel. And by all means, if you see someone that’s suffering from whiplash, please share this video with them. Hopefully they’ll get a lot
of value out of it, too. So until next time, Dr.
Michael signing off. Have a great day.

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