Kiatsu Head & Neck Pain Treatment : Kiatsu Line D Headache Treatment

Alright. A line, B, C, finally the D line.
D line is up above the ear. And if you’re going by terms of using your fingertips, it’s
going to be about where the second knuckle is. So, again, start with where the head should
be, okay, you’re bisecting it back to the center point, it ought to come right back
down. Again, give their head some place to relax. I’m going to use these two fingertips
so everybody can see. And start moving back down. Again, if you run into a tight spot
or a soft spot, just leave the fingers there, leave them behind. You’ll know it, you’ll
feel it, you’ll get a bit of a harder blood pump. Or you’ll feel some tension or you’ll
feel something that just isn’t quite right. Now you’re off behind and you’re really starting
to get into the muscles we know. Eric’s got a really nice little knot right here. So,
were going to work on that and we’re going to leave the hand behind. It’s loosening. It’s tight. Continue on down
the side of the neck. You’re now working into the musculature. Again, push through, find
the counter top at the bottom, don’t push any harder than that. And for those of you
whose wives want you to hold their heads and necks, when they come home from work, do this
to them, they’ll never want you to touch them again. And that’s the D line.

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