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Hi everybody this is dr. Kyle with Columbia River chiropractic we are not going to do a tip for Tuesday this week We’re actually going to keep it kind of a theme revolved around children’s health and regards to chiropractic care so Something we get asked very commonly is can chiropractic care help with kids and your infections and the answer is yes primarily because we focus on the health of the spine and the nerve roots that come out of the spine and the areas of the body that they Control, so there’s one area in particular with kids that tend to get ear infections There’s a smooth muscle that goes around the eustachian tube that allows fluid to kind of drain in and out That smooth muscle is controlled by what’s called your c2 nerve root? Which has a lot of little branches or kind of branch out branch out and control that And ultimately it kind of pumps that fluid in and out so when it’s not functioning properly that fluid kind of builds up and stays stagnant creates a ripe environment for bacterial, overgrowth and that’s why even Pediatricians now are trying to hold off on anti bacterial intervention because they’re finding that it’s very repetitive They’ll keep coming back over and over again those antibiotics will kill off the good and the bad bacteria And it’s just a matter of time before things kind of grow back Mainly because there’s stagnation in that eustachian tube and fluid is building up so how chiropractors help with this is we kind of assess The vertebra around that c2 nerve root and me in particular I will assess the health of the cranium And the head so we’ll have you guys do is just kind of watch here as I demonstrate on my daughter Let me have you lie on you back, honey Just what we were doing most kids is very gentle and a kind of nice non drug intervention option that kids have One thing I like to do first just kind of see what the skull is doing how’s the alignment there does anything feel? Prominent like I know I feel a little prominence down here, so I’m just gonna hold a little pressure now I can honestly say that I’ve adjusted my kiddos since they were first born and none of them had had Ear infections knock on wood, but a lot of that. I believe is from the them getting regular adjustments So I can kind of be a personal testimony with that Just assess other parts of the school just trying to work on alignment again very gentle pressure You can see she’s pretty relaxed probably because she’s used to this And then on that right side down below here, that’s kind of near that c2 vertebral body where they can impinge that nerve root So it’s her all we’re gonna. Do is just hold little gentle pressure here Just trying to get those muscles to relax I’m just gonna follow it up with a quick little adjustment Again very nice and gentle and most the time kids kind of enjoyed this experience that they’re relaxed enough To kind of sit through it But at the end of the day can really be a good option as far as preventing these ear infections So if you guys have any further questions about this please contact the clinic or get a hold of us And we’ll see how we can further direct you again. I’m dr. Palak Lumbee River chiropractic. Thanks for watching

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