King K. Rool is NOT A VILLAIN !

King K. Rool is NOT A VILLAIN! Last week, during the Smash Direct, Nintendo
dropped a fat bomb on us by revealing a newcomer to the Smash Universe that everybody was waiting
for. My boy, King K. Rool! I am so glad this Kremlin is back in the spotlight
as the last time we saw him was a long long time ago. Well, since he’s now officially back, I’ve
already seen posts on the internet calling him a bad guy and a villain. You know me, I’m always here to defend those
who are judged way too quickly. Hey, I’m Nico and here’s why King K. Rool
is NOT A VILLAIN! “Stealing” bananas
One of the first argument somebody will tell you when discussing King K. Rool is how the
dude stole Donkey Kong’s bananas back in Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo. Well, first off, King K. Rool is living on
a pirate ship with his fellow Kremlins. I don’t know if you have experienced living
on a boat for weeks, even months, but it’s really difficult and people truly suffer,
become sick and they struggle. Depending on the duration of the trip, you
might run out of food eventually, especially for a ship the size of King. K. Rool’s. I mean, look at it, it’s not really big
and there’s a lot of Kremlins that have to fit there, so obviously, they probably
ran out of food during the trip, so when they saw an island, they had to stop there to get
more food. Now, be honest, what would you do if you were
starving to death, tired, thirsty, and you found a cave full of bananas lying there,
ready to be eaten. Of course you’d take those bananas! Don’t even lie to me! King K. Rool didn’t steal bananas, he just
found them on an island. Plus, the conservation duration of a banana
is 5 to 7 days, and look at all those bananas, you think DK, Cranky and Diddy will eat all
of this in the next week? Nope, they have way too many! I’m sure they could share with people that
need them more than they do! Those greedy Monkey! He hasn’t attacked DK island for years
Since we’re on the topic of King K. Rool supposedly attacking Donkey Kong’s Island,
let me remind you of something. The last time he appeared as the reported
villain was in DK : King of Swing for the GameBoy Advance, released in 2005! 2005! That’s 13 years ago! The last people to have attacked DK Island
were the Tikis, those wooden planks weirdos and after that, there were the Snowmads, those
creatures from the cold lands! And, I mean, I will agree with you that these
guys actually attacked DK’s island as they literally came to the island and took control
of it, and for the Snowmads, they even got rid of DK and his pals and sent them to another
island! Now, this is a thing a villain would do. If we go back to that time King K. Rool attacked
the island in Donkey Kong Country, look at him. He is literally chilling on his boat next
to DK Island. He’s not trying to control it, he’s just
waiting. King K. Rool never ever set foot on DK’s
island! He was literally just on a mission to gather
resources and food to continue his mission! How can you call this smart captain a villain? That just doesn’t make any sense to me! He is sick (red eyes)
Okay, I’ll agree with you that King K. Rool may have been kind of a mad lad back in Donkey
Kong 64, where he built a ship and parked it in front of DK’s island to supposedly
blast it using a laser. Alright, alright, this is kinda what a villain
would actually do, but did you notice that in this game, King K. Rool has a big red eye? Having red eyes can be associated with several
symptoms like : Irritation, Burning, Itching, Dryness, Pain and can be caused by an eye
infection, an eye trauma and can even be caused by high pressure. This last reason might be the true explanation
to this whole ordeal, as King K. Rool is on an important mission and needs to focus and
can actually never get to sleep. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t
sleep well, I get cranky, and I guess this is what could have happened to our buddy King
K. Rool. The guy is just super dedicated into completing
his mission, so dedicated in fact that he forgot to sleep and is now suffering from
the red eye. Let me put that in simple words : King K.
Rool is sick! He needs to go see and eye doctor! Poor guy! Of course he’s gonna make irrational decisions
if he’s actually suffering all day and never gets to sleep at night. Poor King K. Rool, I just wish there’d be
something I could do to help you! Dissociative Identity disorder
You might be confused by the title for this one, but it is safe to assume that King K.
Rool may not only be sick physically, he might also be sick mentally. Have you noticed that King K. Rool never wears
the same outfit, and I’m not talking about wearing a different T-shirt and pants, I’m
talking about the whole thing! In Donkey Kong Country, he is a captain, in
Donkey Kong Country 2, he’s a weird pirate that wants to be referred to as Kaptain K.
Rool and in Donkey Kong Country 3, he wants to be called Baron K. Rooleinstein and resembles
a crazy mad scientist. You see, you could argue that these are different
characters but no, they all have the same red eye, the same body type, the same face. It’s King K. Rool every single time. He just might be experiencing dissociative
identity disorder, which is a condition where a person’s has two or more distinct personalities. Those who are affected by this really believe
that they’re different persons in one single body. This is something serious that needs to be
treated or else it might put the patient’s life in danger. This could also explain all the erratic decision
K. Rool is doing where one day he’s attacking the island inside a giant floating machine
and the next he’s playing baseball wearing some pretty revealing clothing with his supposed
enemy! Poor guy, he just needs to be helped and treated. He has way too much on his plate at once,
it’s just not good for him anymore. People respect him! If King K. Rool truly was a villain, then
people would fear him and wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Yet, the guy is so popular that some characters
are actually dressing up as him, as seen in Super Smash for Wii U! And they actually look pretty good too! But that’s not all, King K. Rool is actually
so respected that he has a street named after him in the big city of New Donk City. You know, that same city Mario saves from
Bowser! Now tell me this, why would a villain have
a street named after him? That just doesn’t make any sense. You just have to realize that K. Rool is not
a villain, he’s actually a very respectable person! He loves to play with Donkey Kong! I mentioned earlier that King K. Rool loves
playing baseball with Donkey and his friends, but that’s not the only activity he likes
to do with them. In fact, when DK organised his very dangerous
barrel blast racing league, King K. Rool was invited and took part in this along with his
Kremlins. Not only does he like to take time off work
and play with his fellow kremlins to boost their morale, he also doesn’t mind playing
games with his supposed enemies, the Kongs. I think that is proof that, while they may
have been fighting each other in the past, the two have moved on and are now ready to
be best pals! Way to do K. Rool! You’re awesome! He’s a true fighter! King K. Rool is a man of respect and good
manners. In Donkey Kong 64, he doesn’t simply attack
the island like a true savage. No, instead, he organizes a boxing match with
5 rounds against the Kongs. And the match is clean, there’s no cheating! Well from his part, at least, because I don’t
know boxing, personally, but I wonder if Diddy having a jetpack, Tiny attacking his toes,
Lanky dropping banana peels on the floor and Chunky turning huge is actually fair play. I’m not that into boxing as I told you,
so maybe those are all legal moves that we’re gonna see in the KSI VS Logan Paul match,
but I have my doubts. At least, King K. Rool is gonna get a second
chance at showing us his skills in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Welcome back my dude, I’m glad you joined
us! Hey, I’m Nico, and I hoped you enjoyed this
video, if you did, you can always subscribe and leave a little comment down below and
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