Knocked Up (7/10) Movie CLIP – Pink Eye (2007) HD

Since when do we lock
this fucking thing? Come on! We can’t go, dude. Sorry. Holy crap! What happened? We got pink eye. What, you giving each other
butterfly kisses or something? Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.
That’s not how you get pink eye. You get it from poo particles
making their way
into your ocular cavities. Hey, Ben. How’s it going?
BEN: Yo. l farted on Jason’s pillow
as a practical joke. He farted on Jonah’s,
thinking it was mine, and then eventually
pink-eyed my pillow. l’m not proud of any of this,
but l think we’ve all
forgiven each other. But we can’t go anywhere. You can get pink eye
from farting in a pillow? Totally.
Mmm-hmm. That’s awesome! Yeah, but you got
to be bare-assed. Jesus, Martin got it bad! What, did someone take a dump
right in your eye? No. No pink eye for me. l’m just really high. Well, stay back, guys.
l got to get my suit, okay? (IMITATING RETCHING) BEN: Fuck you. Are you Debbie’s husband? Yeah.


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