Korean Red Eyeshadow Makeup ?

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel. Today I’m gonna show you guys a fun pops of color on lower lash
line for spring and summer. Red eyeshadow is the trend now and choose the right tone of red eyeshadow makes all the difference. Let’s get started now and enjoy! First
prep your face for wearing foundation Apply this radiance primer onto your
skin, the smoothing agent spiked formula will smooth, even out skin and does help
foundation apply more smoothly. Next use the foundation cream as concealer, make
sure it cover well around your eyes and blemishes areas, it smooths out fine lines
and nourishes your skin with jojoba oil and organize rose essential oil. Apply foundation dot by dot onto
your face, and blend gently with your favorite beauty blender. Keep your skin
clear and bright to perfect your skin before apply eyeshadow. Apply light
reflecting pressed powder to set the makeup, this setting powder has blurring
effect on fine lines and pores, it does not appear powdery or dry on skin. Create
the shape of your eyebrow with this eyebrow pencil, stroke few times to
outline your brow, then filling in the sparse area of your brow with light pressure for a natural look. Line your eyes with this velvet eyeliner. Red lower lashline eyeshadow paired with winged eyeliner is to balance the intense pop
of color you created on your lower lash line. Use burgundy red color eyeshadow apply along the eyeliner you created just now after that use highlight color apply on whole eyelid towards brow bone and outer corner of the eyes Next apply red eyeshadow underneath your eyes from outer corner toward inner corner. Use the light color from this palette, apply them to your tear ducts till the middle of your lower lashline and then the middle lid area to create some dimension effect. To add more depth and intensity effect, apply dark brown eyeshadow over the top of the red on lower outer corner of the eyes. With the left over eye shadow on the brush apply under the
middle of the red eyeshadow to create lying silkworm eyes makeup. Curl your lashes, and then apply several coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes Now apply a little bit of cheek cream, dab gently on top of the apple of your cheeks, and moving toward the ear. It’s time for contouring contour to the sides of the nose bridge, jawline areas to emphasize or de-emphasize whatever you want.Finish with your favorite lipstick but I don’t suggest to choose a sharp or pop color for this look. It’s done! Thank you so much for watching, I hope you all enjoy this tutorial!
See u all soon, Bye


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