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Hello everyone! This is Megan from Kenhub,
and welcome to another anatomy tutorial. Today, we will be discussing the structures of the
bony labyrinth of the inner ear. Before we discuss in detail the anatomical
features of the labyrinth, let me remind you of some important points about the structure.
The labyrinth is the most internal part of the ear and, for this reason, we usually refer
to it as the inner ear. The two other parts of the ear are the external ear which extends
from the auricle to the eardrum and the middle ear which extends from the eardrum up to the
oval window. All three parts of the ear – the external ear, the middle ear and the inner
ear – are designed in such a way as to act as a transducer that converts the mechanical
energy of the incoming sound wave into neuronal impulses that can be interpreted as sound.
In addition, the inner ear also plays pivotal roles in maintaining postural balance… Hi guys, as you can see, this video is a preview
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