Lacey WA Chiropractor – “Ear Adjustment & Neck Pain” GONE After Other Failed Treatments

Hi I am Dr David Warwick at Warwick Chiropractic
and we are going to be as natural as possible and you know what I actually don’t like doing
the videos that much.She was worried that she didn’t look good enough for the video
that we are doing but share with them just brief, 10 seconds not 10 minutes. What we
did yesterday, you had what going on? My balance, my ear was hurting and you did something magical
with my ears and my right hip was hurting and that has felt much better. I am in here
today so I can go running later on. No Chiropractic voodoo. We actually adjusted the ears so when
patients have ear infections a lot of times adjusting the ears brings blood to the area.
Alright, face down for me. She is going running so she wants to get in shape for her run here.
Alright, mid back? Yeah. Take a deep breath in and release. That was good. Go ahead and
raise this leg for me, don’t bend the knee. Back down, this one. That kind of hurt when
I did that side. So right leg short by and inch or inch and quarter. Let’s have you lay
on this side. So if the leg is short and if you run far enough you will just eventually
run in a circle. You didn’t even laugh. I giggled for her. That’s good. Go the other
way. Running in circles I do that anyway. We can explain it for all the fans on youtube.
Holy crap . No I didn’t say that, I was gonna. Knees bend feet on the table. See we kind
of screen our conversations. Now we do. Breath in and out. Breath in and out. Let it out,
good. I am going to have you come around this way. Sit up? No not yet. Oh the neck. Ok guys
this is not something you do at home. All the Chiropractors you are watching on you
tube videos we have been trained to adjust appropriately so if you guys are trying this
at home and you are not being careful. We get a laugh included on the adjustments. Oh
my goodness. Yeah but you keep coming back because you feel better. I do. Go ahead sit
up. Oh is it the funny thing? Yes.Ready? Yeah. That was an ear adjustment. Ear infections.
Yeah actually felt much much better after. So the warm blood to the area. Sit and face
Sadie. I sure will. Are you ready for your close up? Are you going to run with the dog?
No myself. Just me myself and I the 3 of you? Yeah, alone alone. It is a gorgeous day. I
need to be outside. It’s beautiful. Take advantage before the rain hits tomorrow. That felt good.
Ok bend your elbow. Don’t hit yourself in the face. The other one. Alright there you
go folks. She is ready for a run, thank you for watching.


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