Lady Vengeance (2005) | DISTURBING BREAKDOWN

Welcome to the breakdown where we breakdown
all the messed up movies! Today on Screepy Week, is ULTIMATE REVENGE! So I had to pick something where Revenge is
the topic! That something we are watching today is Lady
Vengeance. Also known as Sympathy for Lady Vengeance! And yes it is apart of the Vengeance Trilogy,
starting with Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, then Oldboy, and then Lady Vengeance. I’m not gonna bullshit yall, I wanted a female
lead! so Instead we are gonna do the trilogy out of order! plus they aren’t narratively
connected so its fine! Lady Vengeance is about a fine ass fresh release
from an All Girl Prison. Apparently she was imprisoned for 13 years
after murdering a little boy! Well…turns out that somebody forced her
to take the blame and so our main character Geum-Ja begins to unfold a very intricately
planned attempt to serve a cold dish of revenge against the real murderer! You can find this entire movie for free on
TubiTV…so I will just get a more general outline of the movie! If you wanna see what happens, including all
the messed up parts, stay tuned for the breakdown! Cue the Gohan! Outside of a female only prison, Christian
singers and their religious leader sit in wait for an angel! A true angel that is a model to prisoners
everywhere! As soon as others are released, they begin
their sacred song in wait for their angel! This angel is Geum-ja, who walks upon her
audience with a cold face! Firstly lets talk about why Geum-ja went behind
bars! 13 years ago when she was 20 years old, Geum-ja
apparently kidnapped and killed a little boy named Won-mo. Her young age along with her naive appearance
and beauty made her a national sensation! They was even gonna make a movie about her! This man watching a report about Geum-ja’s
crime sees something good and angelic behind Geum-ja’s face, and visits her to inspire
a change in lifestyle! Apparently, his visit inspires Geum-ja to
become a true angel, a very kindhearted woman who is well known and appreciated by her fellow
inmates and watchers outside of those walls! She become probably the greatest prisoner
all over the country. After 13 years, she is released and presented
with a sacred tofu meal! Once she eats it, its like a promise to live
white as snow and never to sin again! But she pushes the food out of the priests
hand and rejects it,telling him and his band of santa singers to screw themselves! Geum-Ja has been pretending to be angelic
for 13 years! Now I’m not saying she isn’t a good person
entirely but overall I think she is kinda nuts. I guess It would be good to call her an anti
hero. A lot of times throughout the film, she takes
it upon herself to revisit all of her old prison peers! It makes you wonder if she only befriended
them and helped them so that they would be indebted to her later! This old friend of hers reveals that Geum-ja
has a plan that’s already been enacted! This plan is to capture the real murderer
of the boy that Geum-ja went to jail for. She even has a dream about it, holding a dirty
dog of a human and then blowing his head out! Right over the pure white snow and she smiles
about it! She still wishes to apologize. Apologize to the parents of the boy who was
murdered! Remember yall that boys name is Won-mo. Her apology is cutting off her finger like
a yakuza member who cant do shit right, but the parents didn’t ask for that and just get
her to help fast enough to have it put back on! She wasted all her money on that operation! She has to work at a bakery to get by, next
to two creepy guys! Geum-ja visits another fellow released prisoner! One that Geum-ja gave a whole kidney too after
the woman was found to have some kind of kidney failure. She’s like “Then this bitch decides to give
me a whole kidney!” This movie is like a mix of Amelie and I Saw
the Devil! Well, Geum-ja enlists her and her boyfriends
help in creating a special type of gun, the same one she used in her dream killing the
dirty dog! The gun is a special type of North Korean
spy weapon! It seems that the gun blueprint was hidden
in a Buddhist book, so it seems likely she organized it herself. While working at her bakery, Geum-ja comes
into contact with the Detective! The one who looked over her case 13 years
ago. Like most Asian detectives in films like this,
he doesn’t believe that Geum-ja murdered the boy because she didn’t know facts of the case
that the killer would know. This is them arguing 13 years older about
it, and Geum-ja had a weird insistence on saying she was the killer. On the way to some kind of weird reenactment
of the murder, a man is above egging her on, with a baby in his grasp. During this reenactment, she utilizes the
real killers help to figure out how the murder actually went down! Like, the boy Won-mo was smothered with a
brown pillow, something she wouldn’t know if the real killer didn’t point to his brown
watch! A year before she went to prison, she was
a wild 19 year old who was pregnant. She stays with her old teacher, a man by the
name of Mr Baek, played by the same man who played the villain in I Saw the Devil. And Ik he is in Oldboy too. Mr Baek forced Geum-ja to go along with a
kidnap for ransom. The person they both kidnapped was Won-mo,
however, he was already killed even after the parents payed the ransom! Mr Baek forces Geum-ja to take the blame for
the murder, or else her baby girl will be killed next! Also Geum-ja told her coworker this all after
some sex. A big reason she hangs around or even gives
him attention is because he is 20 years old, the same age she was when she went to jail,
and also the same age the murdered boy, Won-mo would be if he lived. Mr Baek put Geum-ja’s daughter up for adoption,
and she finds out some Australians adopted her and named her Jenny. Geum-ja litterlly catches a flight to Australia
to meet her daughter her, who is about 13 years old. They are pretty weird, I mean what is this
scene y’all? Keep in mind that Jenny only knows English. Well actually Idk really. I think the actress is multilingual only introspective
in Geum-ja’s mind. Her mother doesn’t want her to come back to
Seoul with her, hope I said it right, but after some funny arguing they so happen to
go back together anyway. Right as she gets back, Geum-ja receives her
special weapon, but its only close range so she gotta be so close to her target that she
can see the white in their eyes. Before we continue with what happened after
that, lets go back to Geum-ja’s jail days. Geum-ja was like a good kingpin! She earned the title “Witch” after she secretly
murdered this mean prison bully, by poisoning her with bleach. She was still known as a angel too though. This means that Geum-ja has only murdered
once so far, and its not any little kids. Anyway, Geum-ja managed to track down Mr.Baek,
the man she is looking for! She also tracks down his current wife, a woman
who hates her husband anyway because he is very abusive. They both plot to figure out how to take down
Mr Baek, but somebody knows that something is being planned. The priest who visited Geum-ja is seen taking
pictures of her, and reports the images back to Mr Baek. Mr Baek is a school teacher btw. Seeing his wife betray him and possibly plan
his downfall hurts him, but man eff this preacher though really. Mr Baek gets the services of some thugs to
take care of Geum-ja, while he waits for his wife to come cook for him and then he will
tie her up! Things are all going according to plan though
for Geum-ja! While walking with her daughter, they get
attacked and intercepted by those thugs. Geum-ja gets her shit kicked in by the man,
like she really got beat, but when he aint looking, she pulls out here vengeance gun
and blows his brains right out all over the street! Then she walks towards the guy holding her
daughter, cuz remember its close range, and she blows his hand right off! Meanwhile, Mr Baek doesn’t realize his plan
has failed! He tied his wife up after she made him some
food, but unknown to him, his wife tampered the food with some kind of sedative, and he
passes right out! Geum-ja drags her daughter into Mr Baek’s
flat, examining the man who threatened her child and took away 13 years of her life. She frantically cuts his hair out, probably
fighting the urge to end him right there until she realizes she’s got more to her plan! She and the wife then transport the man to
an abandoned school, probably one where Won-mo went, and tie him. He speaks pretty good English, and she uses
him at gunpoint to translate an apology and explanation to her daughter! Overall, she believes she is too much of a
sinner to take care of her angel daughter, so after she kills this man, she will send
Jenny back to Australia! She now has her number one enemy in her grasp
though, and is itching to kill him. She intimidates him with the pistol like 40
times! His phone starts to ring though, and she pulls
it out, but what she finds is horrifying! She not only finds Won-mo’s marble, but she
finds the trinkets of at least 3 to 4 other children. This means, that Mr Baek killed more children
while Geum-ja was in jail. She loses it, choking him with that remake
Jennifer Hills face, stomping him and shooting him in both of his feet! The fact that 4 kids died overall is very
bothersome to Geum-ja, and she shows the detective who oversaw her case! Eventually they look through his apartment,
finding video tapes of each of the kidnapped and murdered children! I don’t know for sure if the children were
killed on the tapes, but they were crying alright! I’m guessing they were killed since the Detective
gets up after watching to go vomit in the toilet. The detective forgets the law after that! He helps Geum-ja arrange for the parents of
each of the murdered children to be sent to the abandoned school where Mr Baek is tied
up. They have a confused look at first, until
Geum-ja starts to play the video tapes of the children crying. I don’t believe she played the actual murder
of the children, she seems to cut the tapes off quickly. It’s very disturbing to see children crying
like that in this sort of position. Where do you get the children to act for these
type of scenes! Apparently, Mr Baek would kidnap the children,
play a video of him about to kill them, then he would ask for ransom using the video audio
to make the parents think the child was still alive. He would get the ransom, quit his teaching
job, leave and then start over someplace else. Geum-ja gives the parents two options. Either they can lets Mr Baek go to jail, she’ll
hand him over to the detective. Or, they can kill him, each taking turns to
torture him to death! The parents debate about it, believing a trial
is a waste of time. They all decide that maybe they should take
matters into their own hands! And just so there is no snitching after, which
is someone telling the police about what they did, Geum-ja makes sure to let them know that
snitches get stitches. All of their conversations about how they
would go inside and torture him were broadcast through a speaker heard in the room Mr Baek
was held inside, so he knows he’s about to be ended. Each and every family tortures him, stabbing
him all over with their wide variety of weapons. The old lady is the last one, and she kills
Mr Baek with scissors to the neck! The families then work together to clean up
the space, and all take a group photo so that nobody can snitch on anybody else! Next they dig a grave, but Geum-ja didn’t
really get her any action. She shoots the man twice in the head as they
finish his burial. Naw that’s not a burial, that’s just hiding
his body. With her vengeance complete, she begins to
both cry and smile viciously after 13 years of planning and waiting! Now….would yall believe me if I said that
I didn’t know the film was fading to black and white until I got to this part. There are two versions of the film, one with
full color and one that fades to black and white! Even the film sets and actor clothes reflect
this. I mean, Geum-ja wore a blue jacket earlier
but now she has a black leather jacket. When I initially watched the movie it was
on TubiTV, so I don’t know if the copy my video uses will be black and white but if
it isn’t then it would be around the time the parents came to the school. After all that murder, the parents and families
all sing happy birth to each of their children resting in heaven. In the bathroom, Geum-ja cleans off her red
eye shadow, and is done with the vengeance part of her life. Suddenly though, Geum-ja is interrupted by
the spirit of Won-mo! He over here using lung killers! She goes to speak with him, but right before
she can say anything, he gags her! He wasn’t hearing no B.S. He quickly transforms into the age he woulda
been had he not died, and walks away. As Geum-ja leaves, she has a cake in her hand. Her coworker follows behind, singing and asking
if she is actually going to send her daughter back! She embraces with her daughter in the pure
white snow, and shoes her a white tofu cake. Remember, the white tofu cake is a promise
to live good like pure white, and sinless. Jenny eats the cake, and offers some to her
mom too, but initially she thinks her time to be good is over. Well she retracts that, and the movie ends
as Geum-ja devours that white tofu cake! Well its nothing left to say but farewell
Geum-ja and the vengeance that overwhelmed you! Now that we got through this film, lets talk
about the most disturbed moment, and most enjoyed moment in that SPOOKY STUFF!


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