Laser Therapy Protocol: Otitis & Ear Infections | ACTIVet PRO

Today we’re going to talk about otitis. This is a fairly common condition in dogs with those nice floppy ears and a nice warm moist environment where an infection can get started and then inflammation and they stink and they’re horrible. But laser is really good for treating those, so we’re going to use this Utility probe because it’s very easy to just thread on to the front. And then we’ll just power up the laser, putting our hand over the front. We’ll elect to not use a self-test today so we’ll say no to that. We’ll select the ACTIVet PRO mode, 50 Hz is very good for the inflammation, we’ll select that. And then we’ll go to 2 minutes as a good time to treat one ear and then we just push the power button. The probe acts as a wave guide. You’re taking that nice healing power of that laser and taking it right out to the tip so that we can gently place our probe inside the ear, get down where that inflammation lives, right down where that infection is. So first we’ll treat it at the 50 Hertz with the visible red that you see. But the unique thing about Multi Radiance super pulsed lasers is it’s not just a laser, but you’re getting very synergistic other wavelengths like the visible red at 660 nanometers, the broadband infrared at 875 nanometers. So you’re getting 3 different wavelengths working very synergistically together to reduce that inflammation. Of course it’ll tickle a little bit so it’s not unusual to get a little bit of a
head shake. But with 2 minutes using this setting and then we’ll press stop. We’ll back up to our setting for ACTIVet PRO and come over to the blue mode, select that, and bump that up to a full 100 percent power which only makes sense to knock out an infection like this. That blue radiance is 465 nanometers, it’s so good against infection, even MRSA. It causes oxidative stress and bacteria just die. So we’ll have that set for 2 minutes, we’ll put on our power, 2 minutes, press the power button, now we’ve got the blue radiance and we’ll go right back to work with it. Just gently placing the tip of the probe so we get that light energy into the ear itself. This is 2 minutes with the blue wavelength and that’s going to help fight that infection and get it nice and cleared up. The other way is just to wrap your hand around it and that way it’s less tickly for her. Two minutes and it’s a great way to treat otitis. Very similar with stomatitis, and we’ll try to work on that with a cat later for you but that’s how to treat otitis with a Multi Radiance super pulsed laser.

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