Lasik Eye Surgery Testimonial from Tom Barnard, a Whiting Clinic Patient in Minneapolis Minnesota

This is Tom Barnard from KQRS came by to see
Dr. Whiting this afternoon at the Whiting Clinic. Here in lovely St. Louis Park Minnesota
on Wayzata Blvd. a few years ago, two, three years ago Dr. Whiting did Lasik surgery on
my eyes and it’s gone very, very, well and I’m very, very happy with it.
I’m really glad he’s out on his own now. He’s a very innovative and bright young man. He
has great people working with him as well and that is really important to me.
I made the comment earlier today that it was actually fun for me to come in and have the
procedure. The check-up, the procedure, and then the follow-up each time I came in, it
was a lot of fun to see everyone here. They are very nice people they help out in any
way they possibly can. I would highly recommend coming to check out for sure to check out
the new Whiting Clinic. I would highly recommend getting LASIK surgery because it’s changed
my life completely, so I would wish the best for you as well.

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