LASIK MD – Vision to Give

Over 670 million people worldwide live
with impaired vision and without access to affordable eye care. That’s why LASIK MD
asks its patients if they’d like to donate their no longer needed glasses
to VOSH International. Here’s what happens next:
First we have to sort the glasses and take the glasses that are usable for the
missions. Then after that they’re analyzed on the lensometers, they’re
ticketed, they go to the sorting tables and they’re sorted out, if they’re men’s,
women’s, children’s glasses. Then after that packed into cartridges. The glasses
that we’re preparing and that are going to go to different missions and I can tell you
that they go to 40 different countries. [Music] Here we’re seeing patients who probably
never had an eye exam before. There are not many services of optometry here so
everyone who comes will have a full eye exam to make sure the health is okay.
We’ve been scheduling about 400 people a day and we should, by the end of the
mission, see close to 3,000 people. We’re looking at about maybe 2,800 people that
will be getting glasses. If the people here don’t see well, well they can’t work
and earn their living. So when they come here, they have their free eye exam and
their free glasses so that they can go on with life. The eyes are not only the
windows to the soul, it is also the window to the world around us. we
sometimes back home seem to take it for granted,
so here the people really appreciate it because they know that it changes their
lives. If it wasn’t for the companies and the organizations like LASIK MD
gathering up the glasses, we wouldn’t be able to do these eye missions. [Music]

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