LED Magnifying Floor Lamp by Brightech | Review + Demo | SEWING REPORT

no we’re not at the dentist office this
is the latest addition to my so any craft room welcome to the Sewing Report
I’m Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing and this is an LED
magnifying floor lamp that was sent to me by this company
called Brightech to try out occasionally someone will reach out and
ask me if I would like to receive an item to review and this company looked
kind of interesting so I said sure so one thing you need to know about me I
like my rooms anywhere I am to be super-bright we’re talking surface of
the Sun in fact my last bedroom had a chandelier with like nine super bright
daylight bulbs that’s just how I am I like it to be super well lit when I’m
working especially when I’m sewing so I thought this Sun looked kind of cool so
let me tell you about it I’m gonna walk you through some of the specs tell you
what my impression is of it and show you more of this through some flashy b-roll
yes this does resemble that light that they use at the dentist’s office which I
thought was kind of a cool like feature to me I didn’t know it just sort of
looks really like futuristic or something like this is what they would
use if the aliens were probing you in like a UFO something like that so this
is the brightech Pro dimmable LED magnifying floor lamp it has six wheels
a-rollin base it’s pretty heavy-duty and it says it’s for professional and hobby
use as well so it’s got an adjustable gooseneck glass lighted magnifier lens
with a standing light and it’s pretty cool so it’s got this little you know
lid it opens up and you can look through it and see what you’re doing you know
pretty clearly this thing came in a seriously massive box and in fact it
came in three boxes there was like a box in a box in a box so it’s very well
packaged which I appreciate it it’s got a very easy to use on/off switch not
gonna lie I am actually really liking this in fact I used it last night when I
was quilting I put it near the sewing machine
I didn’t look through the little like lens here because I didn’t need
magnification but having that light nearby was pretty
sweet so you can lift up this lid and then see a magnified version of whatever
you’re doing so if you’re doing a lot of detail works say you’re a jeweler or
you’re making tiny models or are you doing some hand work where you really
really need to see or in precision matters this is it this has 1.75
magnification they also have another version that’s like over – I think like
2.25 but I think this is pretty cool I’m looking at my engagement ring right now
in my wedding ring and the detail is really pretty nice and another feature
that I would like to point out is that you can dim the lights and choose
whether you want warm or cool lights a mix of both so right now it’s on both so
you can see but if I want to take down the warm light
let’s see your I could do that hold on a second
okay so now I’ve got just the cool light and if I want to take down let’s see
here if I want to take down the cool light you could do that okay so now
you’ve got a real low light so I do like that you can really adjust this to your
personal preferences the dials are actually right here and they’re like
it’s like touch sensitive it’s actually pretty cool Wow look at look how bright
am right now feel like I’m on the Sun you know what
I’m saying here so I don’t know I like this it moves really easily you could
move it out of the way you could move it in the way the chicken the Amazon
listing is like reading a book through it so she’s going all like she’s going
all like this you know so that’s pretty cool
but uh yeah yeah here she is right now right here see she’s reading I will say
the only thing I can see happening though is this lid if you keep it open I
can see myself having an accident and this breaking off I think it would have
been cool I don’t know if you can do this if this thing was removable so that
you wouldn’t have to worry about like this breaking or something I don’t know
if it is it doesn’t really appear to be removable but I can this part could
break off with some force also you can adjust this neck
so if you loosen it you can really like this really is a lot of flexibility and
then you can tighten it and it’ll stay hold on a second see so if I really
wanted it like this I could which is cool cuz this actually would point
directly at the sewing machine if the sewing machine was right here so it
would actually be pretty ideal I think but uh yeah like this thing moves easily
it’s pretty it’s pretty heavy the base I’m not gonna lie is super heavy B I
like the adjustability I think it’s a good light right now on Amazon it’s a
little over a hundred dollars so it’s not a definitely not a bad deal and it’s
got in it because it’s got the LED light at least you don’t have to replace the
bulbs at all ever this thing does have a satisfaction guarantee and a full
three-year warranty but it does say in the listing that the LED light bulbs
here are supposed to be good for 20 years so that’s 20 years of you know
intense light so yeah I’m liking this it’s pretty cool and I think it’s it
seems like a pretty well-made product so yeah I’m gonna play around with it and
then and see how it goes but this is the bright tech dimmable floor lamp and I
will link it below it is readily available on Amazon or you can go to the
brightech website they also have a lot of other different kinds of light not
just this type but they have got a lot of decorative and you know home type
lamps so not just stuff like this lots of big assortment I was checking out the
website in the Amazon storefront you know very neat designs and and I’m a fan
thank you so much for a tech for sending this my way I will certainly make good
use of it here at the sewing report


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