Left Jaw Pain and Ear Ringing Treated by TMJ Dentist in Noblesville, IN

Initially I had gone to my regular
family dentist and had the normal cleaning but as I left there I had this
pain in my left jaw so I assume that the dentist had done but I was
mistaken so I went back to her and then she made adjustment that didn’t correct
that problem and then she mentioned or gave me your card and I had never heard of a TMJ
before so I was quite skeptical of it but the pain, again this is a window
of about six weeks that I had that I had to pain before I started to do something
about it so I finally decided to, after vacation to contact you and I was
still a little skeptical of it but then once I came in and you did the initial
evaluation and I came back and when we did the tests and I got the first
treatment I must say when in one day the next day I felt a difference, I did. The
pain, first real difference was in my ear that constant pain had really subsided
and now right now I can really tell the difference by eating and and the
flexibility in my mouth so I am trusting you now.
“Do you have the mouthpiece in your mouth?”
Yes I do. “Can I see it? And you talk with it, sleep with it, everything right?”
Yes, and as you said, I got better.
“I appreciate you sharing with me, thank you.”

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