Okay, today I’m going to make you a
confidence: the way you see me currently, it’s a lie, in fact,
I often wear that! Good in truth it is not too secret since I often put them
when I stream, maaais basic I do not like too much to see me with, so that
I wear these big hard lenses of his dead who are not so easily
forget, and unfortunately it would be complicated for me to have a worse view than that because
that she is already really not pissed, with -3.5 to the left eye and -4 to the eye
law ! And directly, you will tell me: “But
Leo, why are you surprised, after all it’s normal you spend your life in front of
screens, that’s probably what ruined you eyes! “Because yeah, there is this idea
which is ultra strong and it’s true that a lot of people who spend their lives on a computer
wear a pair of glasses, but so far is it really a causality? Is it
true that we ruin the view to spend his days on Fortnite? Hi it’s Leo from the TechMaker chain
and today, in partnership with Essilor and Optic2000, let’s talk about what
our eyes are riveted every day! And that, whether you have a computer or not, since
in our pocket, on our consoles portable games, and even in the street, we
there are more and more confronted, screens are an integral part of our lives
! In general, we take out our phone on average more than 52 times a day, and one
spend more than 6:30 in front of a screen, that it either a pc, a television or our
smartphone, literally more than one quarter of our day, and even more
4 hours between our 8 and 12 years! And yes, the time we spend on our
screens is clearly not negligible, and yet there is little prevention
on it because even if it’s true can do some pretty damn interesting things
thanks to these doors to other worlds, it is important to remember
that they can absorb us for everything and anything, and sometimes not
the smartest stuff precisely … By the way our fascination for screens is only
clearly not new, with television which was already widely present well
before everyone starts scroller Tik Tok, to avoid the “It was
better before “. And for those who want to push even more
far, I’m convinced that before TV there were other ways to get drunk
! Well, but already, how does it work a screen
? What makes this panel all late and all black is able to make us
see these images once powered? So, we’re not going to make a presentation here
on different types of screens or even of display, but lo and behold, basically you know
surely all that a computer image it’s composed of pixels. Pixel, which comes from English, with a
contraction of Picture Element, an element of an image. And yes, everything makes sense now that
you know that! In short, these pixels, the more there are, the more
what is called the resolution is high. When we talk to you about full HD, we talk to you
in fact 1920×1080 pixels (hence the name 1080p, even if there is nothing to see
with pixels, but that’s another story for another day). So, if we have a full HD screen, the latter
will have a total of 1920 multiplied by 1080 pixels, more than 2 million pixels
! (2,073,600) These pixels can each take a color
different, and that’s how is able to display an image. Well, that’s great, but how’s that
what these pixels are doing to take any color? And already
they can not really take anything what color but only a given number,
and especially these colors are not actually in the sense that they are in fact
recomposed colors from 3 components : red, green and blue. What that means is that when you
see yellow on your screen, and well in Reality, your screen does not send you any
yellow light, but only red and green. These two colors arrive at the same place
in our eye, who then interprets the result as yellow. I will not go back more than that in
details of why or how today, but if you’d like me to do
a video on it, tell me in the comments because it’s a great topic
! Well anyway, what does it mean,
is that each of these famous pixels is in fact able to send us 3 colors
at the same time, with the intensity of these colors modulated according to the true
color that we want. It’s clear ?
To illustrate this, I propose to look at this video of a phone screen
under the microscope. We distinguish very well the red elements
green and blue, called subpixels. Now look at how the intensity
of these subpixels varies depending on the color displayed. We see that with blue for example
under red and green pixels are totally extinguished, for the yellow of which we spoke all
on time, as I told you it’s a composition of red and green,
and finally for a blank screen, we have them 3 sub pixels that are lit at the same
intensity! Just for the information, the screen that comes
to see is an OLED screen so each of the sub pixels is actually an LED. Well, that’s great, but what is it?
which can potentially ruin your view on it? Are there any real studies on
the subject ? Beh yes there was, and for the moment none has shown a deterioration of
the long-term view, no myopia for example, unlike what has long been
shouted on all the roofs. However, what is proven is that
it can cause some discomfort, even a real embarrassment, but nothing permanent.
thing that you have probably known by Elsewhere: eye and eye strain, ailments
headache, sight disorder, a little strabismus families … In short, there are a lot of things
that can still happen to you, but never anything irremediable, or at all
case it has not been scientifically proven yet ! It’s always the concern about this kind of
problematic fairly recent because finally it’s only been ten years
that we are so riveted on screens and over such a short period of time, it is complicated
to make real conclusions, nevertheless, based on scientific studies
realized until today, this is what we have the right to assert. What must be deduced from all this is
it’s not because of them that I wear glasses and that I am myopic and astigmatic,
or at least no study shows that pass time in front of a screen causes more damage
in the eyes what do we say eat pies to strawberries, you see the principle. So no, the screens are not the ones that
reduce your sight, let alone if you make a reasoned use of it, and
can still reduce that if you’re in good conditions to exploit them! Well yeah because in reality, screens are
a bit like cars; if we do not anything they are great tools,
like that can kill people. Well, it’s a little like that, except it’s
your eyes that will suffer, and I saw how it’s happening in Dead Space it’s not pretty
pretty For example, you can imagine that watching
a screen at night without any external light next door, it does not help, and
more than you tire your eyes, risk of to excite you and therefore to prevent you from
to sleep. Yeah, because I imagine that the lights
are extinct for this reason (minus whether you are in the complete black H24 but
that’s another problem) And how to do it then, to avoid any
that? Already the most logical thing is already
to avoid watching a screen in the dark complete, it may sound silly but eh,
it’s already a solution, even if we will not always be able to respect it. Then it’s the distance between the display
and what serves you to watch it! This last is not unanimous but we find
the same values ​​everywhere, that go depend mainly on the size of your
screen; so there will not be much problem to stand 50 centimeters to your
computer screen, but it will be a little more complicated on your TV 4K 65 ”
of death ! Then there is all that is filters for
this famous blue light! Whether it be software through a tool that directly reduce
the blue component of the image even before that it is sent to the screen,
or thanks to glasses that will filter this light so that she does not cross them
not (or not too much, because if we did not have blue at all, then we would see all yellow)
I talked about it in more detail in my video on the night mode, but that’s it, basically
there is a hormone in our body is called melatonin, and that pushes us to
asleep. The man sleeps at night a priori. And at night, it’s dark. This is actually what will trigger the
secretion of this hormone: the absence of light, and in particular of light
blue. And that, it worked very well until
what we decide to illuminate our evenings to light shot at full power in
all the senses ! This light reduces the secretion of melatonin, so we do not fall asleep
no, so we throw ourselves on our screens for pass the time, and the loop is complete. And here I’m talking about sleep, but here,
this famous blue light is not only bad at that level, actually a part
from the bottom of the light spectrum is also bad because it is a risk factor in the appearance
of macular degeneration related to age. And there is no longer just a screen
but also sunlight. In any case, these filtering technologies
will make it possible to avoid these nasty lights to come flay you
the retina ! Personally I think that these software filters are fine, even
if they have the flaw to change the color all the screen; It will be possible
to automatically activate them to ranges times, for example when the sun is sleeping
him also on his side. So yes it’s true that it’s less pleasant
to see a screen where the colors are yellowed for lack of blue, but this is also going to
help to sleep since these lights excite your brain as seen earlier,
and so you will spend less time turn in your bed before you can succeed
to join the world of Morpheus! Not to mention that in truth we quickly get used to these filters,
to the point that we end up no longer noticing them … Until they are removed. I think I’m not the only one to have
make a sleepless night on my PC and see what last switch from yellow to white is
not pleasant, neither for the eyes nor for the ego for spending his night slack on his
PC … In addition to that, there are also modes
nights or dark fashions that were the main topic of another one of my videos
that might interest you, I’m sure just plug there, but basically the idea
of these night modes is to avoid the interface too clear that will dazzle you. And as we saw in the microscope, white,
it’s also blue! So who says less white says less blue. And besides for that, rather than hanging out
on screens that emit plenty of light, well there are some who do not
no, like e-readers! In effect these last benefit from a screen
E-ink, or electronic ink, which makes reference to the fact that we are not on
a screen that emits light but on something that, from a visual point of view,
gets closer to a sheet with the ink on it. The reader will “ink” the screen at each
once you change pages, but between both the display remains fixed and does not require
no power to maintain his condition, unlike a classic screen! This
which also means that the battery will not move no or very little as long as you stay on
this same page! Of course it’s not all the same uses as a smartphone
classic for example you need a small light to illuminate the screen
as if it were a book but at least it will excite you much less, and in addition
it can be a bit of a cultivator all benefits!
Finally there are also models with a integrated lighting, but in this case do
be careful that this light is not not too white, otherwise we come back to the same
problem. Although in reality the absence of light
blue is not the only element that makes that these readers “enervate” less, by
example the absence of notifications and all these sources of information and distractions
also helps a lot to land. There is a lot of good practice
to avoid getting tired the sight because it remains one of our most used senses, and
unfortunately there is very little prevention there, since it is new,
and that’s why he starts to arrive also other technological
on the market to mitigate all that and reduce risks, such as glasses with
Essilor’s Eyezen technology, which will here too can reduce this fatigue
visual, and that even in the day being given that even in optimal conditions,
these screens are tiring! And be careful, here we’re not just talking about filtering the
blue light but a combination different technologies that carries its
fruits: 8 Essilor Eyezen bearers out of 10 Feel less eye fatigue, and 8
out of 10 feel less dazzling. Here it will help relieve the eye
when it accommodates, you know the fact to do some kind of tune-up like
with a camera, to allow you to see what is more or less close
or bigger or smaller. What you need to know is that on a screen
your eyes do not stop to accommodate H24 because we are in vision
close together; we may need to look at several distances … And all that put
end to end, it tired a lot. Thanks to these glasses, it will be possible
to relieve the eyes in this mechanism, and so much less you tire on the
long term. They are also available with
the filter of harmful blue light. On my side I have glasses with these
glasses in question since now some time and at first I wondered if it was
not just placebo, but in the end with time I have less visual fatigue on the screens
(and I’m going on my side a lot more than 6:30 a day, especially since I am
handed to Wow not long ago so that’s even worse) so that’s all benefit
when I’m doing my long editing sessions for videos like the one you’re watching
at this moment ! And as said earlier, I much prefer
this kind of device that all that is filter as it will also alter our
view of everything that should not be tampered with, and that kind of technology is a compromise
much more interesting to me for that If you want to know more I put you
some links to Optic2000 which comes from these glasses in description story that you
can you see if that kind of glasses can you suit ! And you? Do you have the impression
that your screens are tiring you? Well give me your feedback in comments
just below! Thanks to Essilor and Optic 2000 for sponsoring
the video and thanks to you for watching it ! If you liked it, do not forget
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TechMaker and above all, never stop to learn! Hello !


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