Life in my City- Red Eye Cafe and Donuts, in Hespeler, Cambridge

That is the funniest joke a donut has
ever told me. I’m so glad we’re friends. I am a big fan of donuts– a lifelong fan
really. When I was a little girl my dad would go to the Tim Hortons early in the
morning and get them when they were hot and freshly baked so that when I woke up
we had a wonderful array of donuts to choose from and watch Saturday morning
cartoons together. Of course my mom didn’t love that but what are dads for
right? Now I’m really excited because for the past few months I have been
frequenting the Red Eye Cafe and Donut shop here on Hespeler Road and I’d
like to share this little gem with you. Because not only do they have an amazing array of wonderful regular donuts they also have a wonderful array of
gluten-free and vegan donuts that they cycle through every single month. One of
my qualifications for a destination for me is that there’s lots of free parking
and being off Hespeler Road in this plaza, they definitely do that, and the fewer
steps between me and my donuts the better. What I also really like about
coming into this shop is that it’s always the same people serving me. Ian’s
seen me more times than I care to share and I suppose if I’m around that much I
probably should introduce myself.


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