life with dusty – RED EYE TO MEXICO

It’s freezing outside it’s like -20 out Off to Guadalajara. We’re having our wedding wedding. We’re doing the Mexican version of the wedding and that is on Sunday I have a big announcement for you guys tomorrow Flying out on a red-eye to Mexico my mom’s flying out today with my brother So they’re gonna get there before me and Gabriela is gonna pick them up at the airport Let’s start this day Finally to the bank into the airport, let’s go alright Alright heading to Mexico See you guys. Thanks Dad. Love ya. Alright Alright my dad gave you ride again to the airport. Abhi’s in the car off to Mexico. See you dad. All right, later, man Ok, I’m here at the airport just about to fly off to Mexico City and then Guadalajara and all that stuff I have probably 2 hours to kill at the airport I want to be here super early cuz I’m always like running really late for airplanes There’s a little bit of Christmas themes going on here. Like if you could see right here. It’s like Christmas here in the airport I really like that. I think it’s pretty cool This is the 12 days of Christmas in Mexico The plane leaves in 20 minutes On the airplane Mexico, alright I’m on the plane now these are my new buddies from Acapulco They just went to Mont Tremblant and rocked it out in minus 20 Acapulco !! Okay, this like Door thing on the engine it’s like open like its not supposed to be open? Okay, that’s not supposed to be open Like what? were about to take off me and this guy are worried So the only airplane Santa Claus flies with Pretty uneventful flight it’s like around 4:30 in the morning. I have to hop on another plane soon Okay, so I’m here in Mexico City in the airport just flew through the night. It’s the first time obviously I’ve ever been in Mexico for Christmas I don’t know how they do Christmas here boarding the plane from Mexico City to Guadalajara in a couple minutes So, okay, so there’s few things I want to talk about the movie that I’m in the Guillermo Del Toro movie actually came out like about a week ago Shape of water it comes out in theaters in Mexico in January, but I still haven’t seen it Super fail from Mexican to Guadalajara Let’s go Okay, just get off this bus Off to Guadalajara….. it is like freezing cold here I can’t even believe it I just got on a plane Guadalajara It’s raining here

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