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Ohh! It’s dark here. And I can’t see you! Oh wait! Hey there! Wonder what we’d do WITHOUT lights, right? So come on, let’s talk about light today! Zoom in. Light is a form of energy made of photons A photon is the smallest unit
of visible light. Now you would ask me, how does light travel? Well, light is unique as it behaves
both like a particle and a wave,.. ..that behaves differently with
different kinds of matter. If light hits an object and
passes through it,.. ..that object is know as
a transparent object. Let’s do one thing, take a glass
of water and switch on a torch. See the light passing through? Well, this proves that Water is transparent. There are certain objects,
through which light cannot pass. And it changes its path
after hitting the object. These objects are called opaque objects. Such as wood, the mobile phone you’re
using right now and you as well! Yeah! Humans are opaque as well. Some objects allow light to pass
through them partially.. ..and they are known as translucent objects! Such as plastic, butter paper
and frosted glass. And, do you know what travels the fastest? No, not a space rocket. Well, it’s light! In vacuum, where there’s no obstacle.. ..light travels at a speed of more
than 0.1 million miles per second! Okay, so the distance between the
Sun and Earth is 93 million miles.. ..but it takes only 8 minutes
for light to reach the Earth! That’s a whoooping speed, isn’t it? When light travels through
different mediums,.. slows down and sometimes bends. And, this bending of light is
known as refraction. Take a beaker filled with water
and place a pencil in it. Now look carefully.. you see a bend in the pencil? Haha! No no, the pencil didn’t bend. The light rays just got refracted. That’s why you see the pencil bent. TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that humans are bioluminiscent? Which means that they emit light! But, their glow is 1000 times weaker
than what the naked eye can register! Light takes approximately 1.2 seconds
to reach the Moon from the Earth! So friends, did I not light up your
tickling brain cells today? Tune in next time for more fun facts. This is me Zoooming Out!

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