Lime Crime Venus Palette = Red Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | Avelina De Moray

hey everyone its Avelina De Moray here,
welcome back to my channel! I got so much positive feedback on my makeup book
which was in the unboxing of all the handbags that I did (which got abruptly
cut short…. I’m so sorry about that!!) anyway, I thought I would do a little “get
ready with me” today slash tutorial slash you watch me do my makeup….. whatever the
hell you want to call it! on this look. I’m really happy with it I think it
works for me so yeah if you like this keep watching and I will see you at the
end hey everyone okay so I’m going to talk through this I’m using the
Illamasqua hydro bail primer honestly I don’t like this very much it’s too thin
I’ve recently changed to Urban Decay’s and I love it love love love it next
I’ve got clinic and stargazer in white so I was mixing these two together to
make the color that suits my skin tone I’m not making my skin wider I’m just
needing that little extra white because I am so pal
currently I’ve switched to using on DS oh I’d have to look it up but I know I
think it’s like the third lightest color looking at it the point is I am
preferring that to what I’ve done in this video but anyway talk about that
here I’m just using a Beauty Blender I got this for like $2 on eBay and I was
like yeah it’s good I think it’s better than a brush it doesn’t leave the brush
marks but when I was in America recently I bought a real one and what a fucking
difference holy shit yeah so if you have one of
those knockoff ones on eBay I would highly recommend you buying a
purple there will be a massive difference so yeah I finally change how I put on my
foundation from day to day sometimes I’ll put concealer on my eyes on my nose
on my chin first and then I’ll go over the top if I don’t feel like my skin
needs concealer I’ll just use Foundation and even with this spit up 200% it’s
still fucking really slow as me putting this shit on my face oh god the forehead it’s like I I like how my face looks
with the bangs it’s been like 15 years and I can’t get over my face without
that there’s that one else experience that anyway there we go
thumbs up now I’m using what am i using met/met makeup by Maybelline well I just
just said everything that I put on a job I have tired time this is like the
Western nation in the world sitting the whole face that is a really
important step I didn’t used to do that so if you’re new to makeup I didn’t do
that I’m just putting something on my lips for now cuz I think I look quite
dead so that is a that’s actually the lipstick from the Deaf can eat you are
my final line of cosmetics how cool on my earrings hang this oh dude it
skipping ahead so I brushed up my eyebrows now I am using ones brow in jet
black I’m really enjoying this I think I struggled a bit today in this video if
you’re watching I’m kind of going over the same thing 50 times and I have sped
it off like 300% so you don’t have to enjoy what I went through in real times
but the point is you can see that it’s the container is like a mascara and when
it’s out in the open it does dry really quickly so I kind of need to open and
close it I think each time I use it I’m really happy with the consistency of
this I’ve been wanting to use the pump aid order it’s called by our Anastasia
Beverly Hills a lot of people always talk about those stuff that I’m happy
with this for now and it was a lot better and more precise looking than
what I was doing before which was just dipping a wet angled brush into a dark
eyeshadow and it it wasn’t it didn’t come to a shop
she has old point at the end of my brow so you can try that I recommend trying
it back to the earrings they were all they
are from a wonderland emcee go and check them out I will have an upcoming video I
was for lovely Iona sent me a whole bunch of lovely stuff from their brand
you might have seen Black Friday where this stuff quite a little bit they’ve
got some really nice stuff so here I’m just artificially raising the arch
because my eyebrows are straight giving the illusion of an arch there we go
that’s looking better so now I’m using open the case priming potion eyeshadow
primer potion I should say it is incredibly difficult to get that on the
floor now seriously this is Kat Von D’s locket concealer in L one neutral I
think it’s the lightest one I it’s too light should have gone a shade darker
but I like yes I see that little dot I will fix it up dang it
yeah I like to put this under my brow and on the other side of my brow to just
really define the arch I haven’t mastered it yet and obviously I’m too
smooth blend that out a little bit because that looks ridiculous sometimes
I won’t use the Urban Decay primer potion excuse me oh my god it’s four
o’clock in the afternoon have fallen asleep sometimes I would just do this
entire step on my eyelid with concealer I find it works just as well so if you
don’t have the priming potion don’t worry about it
you can see what try using that so here’s the star of the day Lime Crime
and Venus palette it is I believe the number one because there’s like news one
gave us two um so let’s open this palette up and I will tell you what car
putting on right now which is aura it’s like a light kind of glimmer a champagne
color so I’m just putting that under the brow bone to act as
my lighter shade and then in the crease of the eye there thank god this is
possible with it ah I love that that spider ring it broke I have to glue it
back on is it yeah it was like five dollars I bought it secondhand up deep
up from someone who is it up knowing me like a subscriber on my channel it was
so freaky but nice it was nice husband’s that’s freaky
that’s cool I know the ibid that’s what really made it poppin woman’s you use
flash photography that little bit of glitter there looks really nice so now
I’m just going into the metal Matt kept on the pallet oh my god the drama with
the vaccination I’m so sick of hearing about it let me just stay the fuck out
of that but yeah this is linen just to make that under the brow bone pop a
little bit more and now we’re going back into the lime chrome palette to start
oh so this color is called Reba I don’t even know how to explain what kind of
color that is that you serve vibrant in the video it’s it’s an orange but it’s
earthy it’s like an Australian Red Rock color it’s probably popping a bit more
minute it’s in person it’s popping more in this video and it is in person which
is what I mean anyway I really like this palette I fine I’ll come back to it and
it’s really smooth the dare I say it’s smoother than it looks a lot of the
Capaldi palettes of God I find it super pigmented and it just so smooth really
nice stuff blends really easily so now I’m just
taking that that color higher blending that up okay under the eyes as well I just going
nuts generally just going nuts I’m making it look like I’m not drawing on a
crayon in my face a lot of blending happening here now we’re going up to
Venus I think we just missed a step I may have like you’re not being looking
at this was narration yeah I may have not I may have it doesn’t matter if
you’ve got the palette just like pretty much living here but now I’m going to
Venus I’m going to do is a crease the V the corner of the eye whatever you want
to call it just darkening off that you know crease there I know what a lot of
people tobe because I have such small eyes I should open up my lid small of
them I don’t like doing that all the time I like this dramatic focus it’s
definitely something I will try and do next maybe so that’s really starting to
pop now the Venus very vibrant just bringing them up higher now we’re going
into muse there we go this is this is a lot darker this is the second darkest
color in this palette just enhancing that how to crease even more and I’m
using I think I’m I don’t know if I change precious probably not I just
stopped in the light of color and then go to black and wash them won’t see you
they’ll be fine don’t like being too precious and that’s that stuff although
it is a bitch when you forget that you’ve lost use it rather than you going
to like a light color not that organized so that’s starting to look quite
acceptable quite bappy uh-huh I am pleased I still
need to go up a little higher okay hold focusing on these cameras this is my
blameless blush sensational full fan effect there is no mascara on the market
that does like the final result result looks like fake eyelashes that is just
crap I still find it very difficult to separate my bottom lashes without
getting big clumps of mascara everywhere whatever that’s just it’s gonna stay
like that this is I don’t know if I’ll be able to color said she talked okay so
here’s how I do my eyeliner for those that are interested I am using in glutes
I did yeah they’re like a gel liner in black it’s very nice it’s my favorite
liner it is so black it I used to use Mac before this and this is so much
better using Mac changed to this I was using Maybelline as well all their stuff
really dried out this this is just so black it stays in place as well if you
just put it on without a primer without any like eyeshadow is a base or
something and you’re just putting it straight to
your eyelids yeah that’s not gonna work but with all the prep that I’ve done it
it stays really really clean I still struggle with the shape of my liner I’m
trying to experiment with with different shapes and you know applications way to
put it on I’ve tried it with a very fine pointy brush that has like two or three
hairs and I don’t like that as much I did recently do a lot of liquid eyeliner
with the little pointed felt tip but have come back to a very tight angled
brush and the gel but yeah but still not crazy happy with this shape
I do find that I do the same shape all the time and it wasn’t until I went to
America recently that my friend that I met up with in Hollywood mcdougal
suggested a different shape and that yeah I think I’ll put that video up in
the weeks to come I haven’t edited it yet I’m at first I didn’t like the shape
and then when I took her advice and redid it myself I’m like hmm I can see
what you’re saying he and I think yeah that actually suited my face more
so this is how I do it now all back then and yeah very soon looking
alright okay now we are up to falsies fake lashes I’ve put my jeweler glue on
I am blowing that for about 30 seconds just to make sure that it’s quite dry
before old tacky before I go to put them on not dry that would be stupid
yeah so you see me very quickly using a tweezer there
to push the humbler nope no oh my god keep lying keep going yeah you’ll see on
this I’m placing it down and then I’m clamping it with the tweezer quite a few
times one two okay and then I will push the lashes up so they appear longer
trick I’ve done works for me might work for you might not there we go so that’s
almost the finished look much better with lashes yes I agree so this is a
Moute by Mac this is the color blush that I
use it is a blush I use it as a contour I don’t use blush but maybe I should
higher up on the cheek or contour blush highlight that looks I wish there was
another way to do that without making that stupid face
okay we’re nearly at the end of this process gosh it takes a long time yeah
okay now I’m using Inglot this is just their sparkling dust they have it in a
variety of shades this was just the lightest one that they had and it is not
showing up heaps in this video but it does in my photos with the flash you
really see it I’m starting to contour my nose a little bit just a little bit on
the tip and my chin Cupid’s bow just a tiny little bit now yeah I’m liking how
that looks okay so this is Lime Crime this is my favorite red ever red
velvet’s I bought these ages ago and I feel like
they in between me restocking my two red bullets they changed their formula one
was thicker and the one that I have now the newer one is gonna it stays on it’s
a great formula but of course it’s so thin I feel it’s a little tricky to get
on like it’s not very forgiving if you make a mistake so I’m just really taking
my time you can help you in a rush with this formula but it’s just such a
stunning read I’m in love with the rest of the warm tones in this look I think
it just really makes it pop look at that and we are at the end of our tutorial thank you again for watching I hope you
enjoyed this little mini tutorial remember to comment down below I love
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important to me and a lot of my fans most recently crystal hey crystal just
don’t be a really nice message just saying that she enjoys the content that
I’m making but not only that but that I seem to admit like a positive or a vibe
or whatever I think that’s really important there’s a lot of negativity in
the world nobody needs more negativity we need to
make love not war it was really lovely for me to hear that and when I read your
comments as well it makes me feel warm and fuzzy so I’m glad that I do the same
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