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Hello, and welcome to this video. We’re going to give you a first impression
of what Line Or Cross is. Line Or Cross is a versatile tool that
can help you with various tasks, such as reading and reviewing text,
spreadsheets, giving presentations, etc. Consider the following examples: Do you sometimes find it difficult to locate
a cell in a table on your computer screen? Or do you sometimes trace along
a row or column to find information? Line or Cross shows a cross
that follows the mouse, and extends over the table headers,
so you can quickly find what you need. Using the cross, you can easily locate
a cell and find data more quickly, with minimal risk of selecting
the wrong cell. Easy, right? If you give a presentation in your class,
to your colleagues, or on-line, no matter how interesting the material,
audiences can struggle to follow you… …in the slide,
and lose attention and interest. Line or Cross shows a hand
that automatically follows the mouse, making it easier for your audience
to follow your story through the slides. and making it easier for you
to get your message across. How about reviewing? Translators, writers, editors or proofreaders
often compare two documents side by side. Shifting your attention between documents
is time-consuming and mentally demanding. Line Or Cross provides
two semi-transparent lines… …to underline text
in two documents simultaneously. Controlling the lines is easy
and intuitive using two mice. There is support for moving horizontally,
even with your non-dominant hand. Everyone can do this! The two lines are especially useful
when reviewing or proofreading. Line Or Cross also provides an
elegant solution for a single mouse. In the “frozen line” mode,
Line Or Cross splits your screen, and shows a horizontal line… that moves up and down with the mouse
to underline text in the left document, and freezes when you move the mouse
into the document on the right. The text on the left remains underlined,
while you work in the right document. Line Or Cross is a tool that can help
you work more efficiently and enjoyably. So, why not try it yourself? You can download a free trial version
from Line Or Cross comes in three versions: A Standard version for a single mouse,
with the “cross” for working with tables. An Advanced version,
with the “hand” for presentations… …and the “frozen line”
for working in two documents, And a Pro version, for two mice,
with the “two lines” for reviewing. But there is more. Line Or Cross
supports a colour or texture overlay… …to make your screen more attractive,
and reduce eye strain. Go ahead, try it for yourself. You can download a free trial version from Thank you for watching this video. If you like it, please share it.

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