Little Girl DIED 100 Years Ago, But Still Blinks Her Eyes

Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Mike [its] then I get news [Adam] sent to me all the time about interesting stories or really mysterious phenomenons And I want to talk about a couple of those today Because this is they’re sort of connected. Yeah, they’re really interesting so this for me Yeah
[it] also really [quickly] exactly so maybe don’t watch this on that because we’re going to show you some footage and Might Terrify a little bit this first one is from a year or two ago. This is just a little girl she’s [in] the capuchin catacombs [in] sicily sicily italy these catacombs are really famous right there’s 8,000 Mummies right in these catacombs [well] she is by far the best preserved one It’s a hundred years old people. Go there to visit all the time they take pictures of her. Yes She’s – she died at the age of two and if you look at the photos you I mean I look [what] I think I’m looking at an actual person resting [warm] [or] she looks more like [a] doll or a doll Yeah
She is known as the sleeping beauty of the very famous yeah um I still I’m still kind of you know Confused as to why people want to see what I want to go to a place full of dead people [Adamant] and see it. I mean look do people go to cemeteries and just wander around me some people do I’m sure right Well, it’s not like them Well, okay, people go to cemeteries right to pay their respects right loved ones There’s no visible Dead bodies But I feel like exact they go here because you’re for some reason [you] you’re attracted to this somehow there are actual Corpses just there right. I mean horrifying it’s it’s to me I mean I will never go because I’m scared of the stuff now going like some people are infatuated like that whole all bodies exhibit Like I will never go there. No, I mean, I’m not Oh love to see dead people like I like the thought of ghosts not last up on that Never actually want to see one know what I’ve run into a ghost, but she’s in the catacombs And this is this story came out like like I said [your] to go, and there’s a reason that she’s so low preserved, right? So she when she died her father was really distraught. [yeah], he approached her she died in 1920 He approached a really well note embalmer living in pleroma at the time named Alfredo Salafiyyah he actually developed this Incredible and bombing further developed an incredible and banach technique used it on her and he actually afterwards Supposedly he came to America to try to sell it didn’t work out went back to italy he basically died with his secret embalming recipe so even after her there really you haven’t really seen like Maybe a couple times, but she’s like one of the best examples of a preserved body right her name is Rosalia Lombardo And you [cannot] I mean like you said you just look at her It looks like some some child’s is yapping but what was really strange was that people noticed that throughout the day She blinks about like [yes] How can tell me one of the creepiest thing you ever see is is little like little kids anything is creepy [oh], any coke isn’t creepy things little kids say creeping things little kids draw creepy things I mean creepy Dead little kids blinking Yeah, that’s that’s that’s top of [the] [list] right there, and this is a [phenomenon] So people have actually been trying to figure [out] why first of all most you are like that’s a hoax a lot of people actually went as far as Examining like hours and hours of footage by a time lapse video they also stay also thought I was the humidity That I could so a lot of theories over the years right the recent theory that people are shooting down this could be anything supernatural Is they just say simply is that when light Shines through the window it’s an optical ludus optical illusion You [know] I hear the excuse of optical illusion for a lot of [us] This is the model nick used excuse optical illusion because when you see something, and you can’t explain it I mean the only way to explain say it wasn’t version yeah, but that’s basically how they explained [me] I’m not sitting here and telling you guys. Yeah, she’s actually blinking. [I] don’t know. I mean do I believe in ghosts Yeah, why I mean do I want to believe this little? Child is is blinking what [you] gonna. Do next like stand up and walk around like I don’t want to see that But I mean I’ll go as optical resolution. I mean she looks like she’s blinking to me That’s what I’m saying like I can’t tell you obviously whether or not she is but from what we’ve [seen] and so many people have Tried to prove this you look the eyes are in a different position over time. This is the most famous time-lapse That’s taken is two hours long Her eyes look like they’re opening to me ah I mean really uh [poor] [sight] you more like well You can you can check out an optical illusion [you’re] still going to make mistakes because that’s what optical illusions are they trigger true Granted there are definitely optical illusions out there. I also I also say they’re out there could also be supernatural Explanations right for this as well I don’t know. There’s just too many examples of this because we’re going to tell you guys about another ya, corpse That’s even older than this girl that have recently been captured well with her eyes open the next one was sent to me by Zachary bt. Thank you, Zachary Next that [he] at [Twitter] now, and this is a story that [just] broke last couple days last few days and this is a catholic sings child sinked and Basically the legend was does this child I wanted to want it to become a catholic and her father will not allow it So she ran away met a nun and as she just basically Joined the Faith without telling her without her father’s consent when she went back [home] her father was so infuriated he stabbed her to death then that was 300 years ago when we announced she’s a saint right and Okay, first of all. I don’t understand why the vatican loves you know there’s a there’s a place where she is right now Yeah, say that that’s just a bunch of Saints bodies right in there But [who] can go and pray to the other [dare] that is that phenomena? I people pray to the dead corpses of Saints right. I mean I can’t disturb me [man] I mean, I’m not knocking right right drawing [above] [this] say that’s creepy to me. Yeah We just cuz we don’t do it. We’re not saying and that’s not or good right this particular Young lady she’s called Santa inocencia, which is actually just [saint] In English and you can she’s at the cathedral of Guadalajara next so for 300 years this [bite], and this body is extremely Well preserved, [it’s] well. Well the time this one really [looks] like a doll Definitely is to me It really look like a doll and nothing creeps me out more than [a] little kid doll [because] you cannot trust little kid all right Chucky no, annabelle No, the other of cursed doll was his name Robert or something yeah I cannot trust dolls this one is covered in wax she’s covered a lot That’s how they kind of preserved her right she’s covered in Wax Where’s the other one [is] not the other one is on embalming technique right? Okay? This is like You said this is think they kind of I guess what [create] like a wax shield right, so this is [a] from the YouTube channel ObScura Habilitat sells obscure A [Habitat] [steel] yeah, they also this so I’m just [gonna] [show] you a little bit if you want to check [out] [Bobby] [dagen] [you] can go over there It shows that she’s cuz she’s her face is kind of [token] in [eighty] if you blink You’ll miss it right because she opens her eyes for a split second. I mean I had to watch [it] several [times] Yeah, Khakis you you’ll miss it. I didn’t see it at first. [I] hadn’t stopped [it] I had to like look at screen Grabs, but once you compare It’s really hard just to catch it as it’s happening live but um in real time I mean, but if you look at two screens, yeah, you can tell the first screen her eyes Are you know her eyelids are closed and in the second screen you like? Oh that looks different [you]? Know what you know what this was to me was [that] it was eye opening Haha, oh my God but this was uh I mean, can you imagine you’re you’re walking into this this whole area which for me? [I] be a little uh nervous [I’ve] been a little nervous because I’m walking in a bunch of you know super old bodies laying there right and I come [up] on this child which I’m deathly scared of children ghosts I’m definitely scared of anything kids. Do that’s creepy And then she opens her eyes at me like I would I mean yo you would actually fast What [Ip] myself will be [branded]? oh gee I reckon it will be a record and also let me [atleast] let me say this whenever you catch like a Supernatural video, I think there’s some food requisites, okay first of all it’s gotta be shaky as always It’s never just like dead on you know no matter like I mean that – [7] has [whatchu] cameras now Yeah, we no matter what you have your camera’s got to be blurry So maybe like always carry a flip phone camera with you So you can have the authentic Effect of capturing something supernatural on say exactly like [bigfoot] anything you want use a flip phone camera with a 3 megabyte [pics] off, this is all we need exactly just on a side note How come in this day and age we have such high resolution cameras and yet like you said every single weird footage Can’t tell what it does like you would think one time somebody’s like oh, I got it in my hD DsLR. And then clearly you see bigfoot. Well you need ideas are like any any smartphone nowadays, you can literally film Movies on them jet so yeah, this is still like pixelated. So we’re saying this because could be a hoax I don’t think it’s a hoax. [I] mean How would you even join? I think this is a hoax. There’s something like well someone like for the timer With a little stilt in this little sinks I and just be like yeah, [you] know [what] [yeah] protected by I mean you have to get inside the glass right sure yeah sure
You know which is what you tell her no she’s behind glass so what do you got a rule out anybody? Actually, you know putting [some] kind of move like years or Mecca and also that’s gross. How did you do that? Let me bring up something else tough [ok] I’ll something else all right Statues that blink I heard of statues with blood tears right, but blinking I haven’t heard of that I’ll show you guys has footage [run] out. This was taken I think in [this] [is] what on one of the earlier videos identity was not taken to the philippines over Southeast, asia What was the scene action made of Buddha statues? Yes Bronze [raw] like gold? Massive statues gotcha, [they’re] blinking Okay, so what could be causing things to blink not only in animated objects, but like corpses right you usually Do you think let’s talk about position like like let’s say [mustered] possessed up Statue that will be my number one choice, right if you ask me to explain this I’d be like it’s possessed, whoa I wait, let me let me back up because I don’t wanna offend people who are praying to this statue I’m not saying like it’s possessed by a demon or whatever. I’m just saying like there is either So here’re [there] in there yeah, I chinese [writing] so it was a spiritual statue there should be a spirit on there I’m not sure whoa That’s what I thought, but [yeah], [I] don’t think any spirit will come back won’t maybe why would they possess a deaf person, whoa? Okay, but here’s the thing this isn’t just any dead person. This is a saint so perhaps I’m just throwing out there perhaps because it is just like we’re talking about monks or monks bodies are different So maybe if you were a sink your body has a different essence I just don’t [know] I don’t [know] or maybe the [spiritual] like let’s mess with the living Let’s see what we can get in response and like [loess] there Yeah, I would go fire on YouTube And you know what you would be the one they target because you always talk about how it freaks you up so literally now they are waiting for you to visit one of these offices right now one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen my life in the movie I If I was there I would literally just go to the bathroom on the spot It’s like in [the] [sixth] [sense] roller or I remember seeing where the girl grabs a little [kit] from under the bed, okay? All right, okay [one] if I’m in a dark room, and I’m that little kid yeah So at this point if you at this point. I know I’m with Bruce. Willis was it [ghosts] always goes all right? It’s [all] grass in front of their bed Yeah, I’m not. I’m not hitting that well But this is like the creepiest thing I could ever think of if I’m gonna PB situation creepy room [I’m] taking a picture of a little child who’s supposed to be dead and she blinks at me seriously I wasn’t serious. I do not know how to handle that Hello Your [god], I’m running nothing running. I wouldn’t run. I’m you want to run. No just because I’m so scared right now I’d be like I’m not [gonna] move because if I move what if they try to come out in it possessed me He’s not gonna try to come up with su. It’s Gonna go to the kitchen Grab a knife and stab I don’t know that man this wall kids dolls. Do there’s a few things. I don’t mess with one Ouija board never I mess with it once. [I’ll] never mess with it again The same here scared [the] [heck] [out] [of] me that they’re like Oh yeah with your board completely react secondly I do not play the little kids Scary Scary games well like what slight scare like Bloody mary. [oh] no No, I like that Julie [Demon] something I do not mess with any other heck No, those are nice and those are not games to me those are those are Curses or supernatural what the house is out from what what is the benefit of one of those things working out like you do it? to see if it works, right What is the outside of it happening then what what is the upside of Seeing Mary? What is the upside [of] so many Charlie? Yeah? What is it? And you know when I was little kids would [be] like I dare you to sit I do me to go in front of me. I go yeah, so we all said there will be they show you a teeny Kindergarten respects you cares. Yeah, exactly little billy. I don’t need you to think I’m cool So you go home, and I respect that in front of the narrow people are [brave] [Eases] I don’t know mess with this stuff, but [guys] I put both stories out in the description Box below So take a look at the full videos and let me know if you think these are hoaxes or any other Explanations that you can come up with thanks for watching everybody. See you later


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