Locating an optic fibre cable, with a broken trace wire.

Hey guys, Ben here Geelong Cable Locations I want to show you an optic fibre we are trying to locate So we’re just out at a job at the moment And there’s an optic fibre in the pit, we’re trying to locate where it goes And I thought I’ll grab the camera and show you How we go with trace-wires When we can find it, when we can’t find it and how it works So come in here and I’ll show you how it goes So first off, let me show what we’re actually dealing with here So we’ve got an optic fibre we’re trying to locate The optic fibre actually comes down the street and turns into here The blue cable is the optic fibre Comes in… turns around in the pit and comes back out and then heads up the street So it’s coming down, in, and around But what we’re going to do We actually have to locate where the optic fibre goes The optic fibre can’t be located because it’s a plastic cable and there’s light in it and so forth There is a trace-wire with it This here… can you see that on the camera? That there is the trace-wire So the trace-wires are good We can locate the trace-wires And they put it in there The cable itself is in conduit so we can also rod the cable And that’s the rod and that’s we’ve had to do So let me explain it to you what’s happened We’ve been able to locate the trace-wire the whole way up that way But when it comes up this way here The trace-wire is broken about… near the red car there We can’t get the trace-wire past there So… what we’ve done We’ve gone and got our reel Gone and pushed the reel Down the conduit… into the conduit And then located where the reel goes And that’s the white marks going up that way there So we’ve located the reel going up through it So luckily it was in conduit and we were able to locate it If there was a trace-wire and it was not in conduit then we would not be able to locate where it goes Because the trace-wire can’t be found once it’s broken Hey guys, that’s pretty much all I wanted to show you today Just to say Optic fibres… What it looks like What trace-wires are… When we try and locate trace-wires And when trace-wires are broken How we go about locating it Which we do here with the fibre glass rod Guys, if we can do any locating for you if you need optic fibre found at all Please don’t hesitate to give me a call But until then I do hope you’re well Take care and bye for now


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