Make A Motorized Tombstone Popper – Peek-A-Boo Halloween Prop

Peek A Boo Hey guys we’re back with another tutorial for you,
this is our… Peek a boo or grave popper this is our first animated prop that we made so we just thought we’d share it with you and show you how we made it how we made it here it comes again aahhhh! here’s our peekaboo prop or grave popper, back in 2009 I think it was 2008 or 2009 we had our first grave stones and we just cut some plywood pieces out and it was just a flat piece of plywood I think this one said RIP in the front and the following year I just glued some foam to the a back of it to make it thicker and then we wanted to join the club of
making animated props this is actually our first animated prop lots of
people have it, its no new idea as far as the finish on the Gravestone I
just painted grey and aged it we got some of this
Moss from Michael’s store the two hands are actually both right hands, I just flipped one over and cut the joints its got some wire in it so you can bend the fingers how ever you want so its kind of nice lots of spiders in creatures living
here so its like a ecosystem all to
itself here’s the back side a lot of these ideas you see we got from watching other YouTube videos and stuff this bracket is a steel bracket that
actually is bent at a 90 degree angle and screwed into the back side of the plywood the bottom here is a steel plate and I welded these arms going up and I just have this bolted this motor that runs here is actually
out of a reindeer motor or its a reindeer Christmas reindeer it is pretty tired and old you can see how
this bracket is actually broken and I just took some wire
I tried gluing it at one time but it kept breaking so I just used wire its lasted us as the pipe that comes up into
the skull we just spray foamed used great stuff sprayed it in there to fill it in and then this thing
right here we actually got from a can’t remember her name but it is from a
video on youtube to prevent him from slamming real hard they just used some pipe strap I thought that was great so I actually slapped that on in the middle of the day one one-time
it works I have to put grease on him and a he is funny because when you plug and
un-plug these motors in sometimes they can go both ways so it’s kinda cool let me plug him in here this puck light I always had good
intentions of changing out putting LED light because I put a gel in here so it was a orange light that is just
Velcroed on but it does get hot and burns that
lighting gel plus if rainwater gets on there I
don’t know how to waterproof a puck light is so that is pretty much it I mean its a really
fun prop I always wanted to make more of them you know it’s real simple I think a pneumatic prop that jumps out a lot faster is gonna get more scares but this one is cute and a lot of people like it and it’s nice to have several of them in the background and stuff so go for it,
well you told me to wait, no go so here it is the peek a boo or grave popper I don’t know what it is there’s like several names for it, technical The Grave Popper or the peekaboo, OK start over sorry I see you, Peek a boo here, I got grease on my face so we need more, we need to scoot the table out Honey, well I didn’t know to told me to shut it off no I didn’t, so I got all screwed up, no I didn’t, ya you did you go shut it off now well if we edit it right no because this needs to be all one thing, but the camera doesn’t move though The camera doesn’t move, Ya the camera, Its not gonna move! I don’t know see that’s why we didn’t, we’re doing the thing, oh I thought all three of us were going, no, that’s why I messed up, I know! laugh Peek A Boo! Ok let’s see what that looks like


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