Makeup for Older Women: How to Disguise Dark Under Eye Circles

My name is Tricia and I am founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever and we have a range of products specifically
formulated for older faces eyes and lips. What we’re going to do in this video is
show you makeup on Bee who still has dark hair but along with
that has quite dark circles under her eyes. So we’re going to show you how to
overcome that problem. Linda’s going to reduce the effect of the slightly darker pigmentation under Bee’s eyes. Really using three stages and she’s going to
start using a Dermablend product in a sort of a quite a dark reddish shade. Sounds a bit scary but because that skin
has a sort of grey tinge to it and the idea is that it’s the opposite colour on the
colour wheel and we’ll take away and neutralise the effect. So that’s what she’s done first and the
next thing she’s going to do is to apply the base so its our Base 02 and she’s going to apply with a brush. And remember she’s already put on the face prime and the effect of the base is going to be to unify the skin tone. And now you can see what Linda’s doing,
so she’s applying the base on top of the colour corrector and of course that means that
the slightly darker pigmented areas under the eyes are now going to match the rest of her face. So the last stage of just correcting
that under eye area is to apply the concealer. Our concealer is creamy and
richly pigmented. You can see that Linda’s applying it with brush 4 and then
just making sure that it’s fully absorbed using the warmth from her
fingers. So that seems like quite a lot to do but
you can see the effect on Bee is just brilliant. She’s gone from having quite dark
circles under her eyes to those almost completely disappearing. If you want to, then just set the
concealer under the eyes with some very lightweight, translucent powder.


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