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if you have been wanting to ditch the glasses ditch the contact lenses no time like the president and you can add a vision of your life without the hassle of frames and lenses and the procedure literally only takes a couple of seconds here to explain all the address you’re going up with Manrique custom vision good afternoon sir how you doing my friend all right this takes a couple of seconds literally absolutely yeah basically it has an automated tracking laser which I won’t bore to viewers with that it’s very fast very accurate so it’s seven times faster 50% more accurate than any other laser on the market and this is the Z lazy yes right mm-hmm okay and so dr. Mary Kay he has done this how many times we’ve done over 43,000 LASIK when I say we it’s dr. Manrique he’s probably done around 25,000 Zee lasix though so everybody you know you say I want to get rid of my glasses when we get rid of the contacts does anybody qualify for this no absolutely not we refuse about 12% a week so that’s why we offer the complimentary screening it you’ll show at the end but it does correct nearsightedness farsightedness astigmatism and if you’re over 40 and in reading glasses sometimes we have solutions for that also okay so most everybody is going to be able to get this procedure done absolutely you’ll know if you have an autoimmune or something like that or if you’ve been told by an ophthalmologist that you have something going on behind your eye probably won’t work but we’re still more than glad to check yeah okay then there’s the other factor because a lot of people don’t even like you know getting drops good in their eyes is there any pain to it at all no absolutely not if you a lot of people can’t even put contacts and the drops or anything like that they come in and we show them we show them the little tricks of the trade on how to do it and they don’t have any discomfort or anything whatsoever so when the procedure is done do you see the effects immediate or does it take a couple of weeks for it to kind of your eyes to adjust of it it’s the the weirdest thing look at our Facebook page manrique customers in San Antonio these people come in a they can’t see past here and they’re already seeing across the room as soon as they’re done with the procedure and it just gets better over the next couple days and then you’re done with it wow that is fantastic you have got special for our viewers right yep they just mention this show and of course your name and yeah but for the first 10 viewers that that call or text you’ve got a deal absolutely okay and it is $1,500 off the Zee LASIK procedure yes sir okay don’t forget if you want to call to 10 nine four four four nine five eight or text LASIK two four five three eight four again you’re going to receive $15 off your zeal ease procedure EDD Manrique custom vision that number again is to 100 nine four four four nine five eight or text LASIK two four five three eight four to get $1,500 off and for more information on Manrique custom vision dozen sa excuse me visit sa Manrique

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