Mantras: The Most Powerful Way to Create What You Want

I have found only one way that works and that
is the sounds, the mantras. There is only one way that can go deep into
your DNA. Now that you know that the DNA is a real you,
it’s not that your entire body-mind, this structure is you. Even the DNA is you. It has everything within you. It is the greatest discovery of the Yogis
of India that these mantras are consciousness pills, pills of consciousness. If you want prosperity, go with this mantra. Go on chanting it, chanting it, chanting it
like Robert Di Niro, Robert Di Niro, Robert Di Niro and it changes your consciousness. There is no other method that I found to be
useful, than the use of these sounds. These sounds are called ‘Beeja’, in Sanskrit. ‘Beeja’ means seeds. Just as a seed carries whole tree within itself,
although we don’t see the tree within the seed, the mantra carries all the power in
itself in a miniature form. There are mantras for prosperity. There are mantras for health. There are mantras for developing skills, different,
different skills. There are innumerable mantras. There are seed words. You don’t have to understand how it works
because it doesn’t work at the mind level. It works at the very core of your consciousness
and the method is very simple. You just keep repeating it over and over and
over and over again until you become the sound. You and the sound become one and the same
and this is very simple. Then why people are not using it? People are not using it because there is no
commitment. If you don’t use this tool, then there will
be no results. But if you commit yourself to this process,
in the 1920s, Yogananda was here, he said the same things, its not something new that
I am saying. He said, ‘Just go into your room and meditate
on this’, and the principal is the same. You become as you think. ‘Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati’. The moment you think these prosperity sounds,
you are creating prosperity. It is something like you have water and ice. The water is going to become ice in sometime,
when in freezer. So it’s going to take some time for you
to manifest the physical reality because cause and effect is intervened by time. Just as it takes time for the water to become
ice cubes. You start with these sounds
and then this is only the first steps and it is an important step. In my opinion, no spirituality will be long
lasting until you establish yourself in a situation, where there are no financial worries. You know you sit down to meditate. Immediately you think about your credit card
bills and the bills you have to pay and number of problems come and bothers you and you want
to run. You can’t even meditate. You just want to go to the phone and call
and make some payment plans or try to get another job. This is a reality and we cannot just be philosophical
about it. That’s why it gives me immense pleasure
to teach these prosperity techniques because there won’t be any lasting tranquillity
if you do not have any financial freedom. So financial freedom, establishes the foundation
for tranquillity. I am going saying that everyone should become
a millionaire. It’s not needed. But every one should not have any worries
about how am I going to pay bills and life has a lot to offer other than to worry about
from morning till evening, everyday about this problem. Many years ago I gave a meditation to Wayne
Dyer. Those days I used to have a very long hair
. One day I was going for a seminar in Los Angeles,
some place near Los Angeles, somebody was driving me there and a great being appeared
before me and said, ‘These people are suffering a lot. They don’t know how to make money and here
is this simple technique and you should teach this technique to them’ and that technique
is the Ah meditation which I gave to Wayne Dyer and then he took this technique and then
now more than a million people practice this Ah meditation. This meditation is about the secret of creation. It’s a very simple technique. This explains to you the secret of creation. How do you create? You create in extreme state of ecstasy. Ecstasy is the prerequisite for creation,
not misery. Ecstasy is the prerequisite for creation. Even procreation takes place in a state of
ecstasy. ‘Ah’- a baby is created. This is what that Siddha taught me.


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