Massage for Children With Earaches : Massaging a Child With an Earache: Circular Ear Strokes

So our next stroke that we want to do is a
stroke that is similar that we do up the neck but we’re going to glide down. We are going
go glide down one hand at a time. Be careful not to put any pressure on the spine and you
can glide with both hands open together and going at the same time or you can interlace
your fingers and being careful again not to put any pressure on the spine. So if you are
interlacing just make sure that you are leaving that gap where the spine is and then after
we do some gliding strokes what we want to do is, turn your head just for a second sweetie,
you can turn her head if she is comfortable and you are going to make some circles right
behind the ear. Now of course you want to do it on th ear that is not feeling well but
you want to actually do it on both. So make sure that you do target both ears with your
ear circles and you are doing circles right behind the ear. You are starting up behind
the middle of the ear and you are doing circles going down, all the way down. When you get
to the last little circle you want to do a little bit of a muscle stretch, just stretching,
kind of a glide, put a little bit more pressure doing your circles and a little bit of a glide.
When you do both sides together your hands are doing that same stroke on both sides.
So you can do your circles on both sides and just go ahead when you are finishing up, doing
the circles a few times, finish with the last little muscle stretch, a little bit of a glide
and just glide down and then rest your hands before you move on to the next stroke.


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