Massage for Children With Earaches : Massaging a Child With an Earache: Forehead & Chin

So starting with your hands right in the middle
of the forehead we want to go ahead and stroke down all the way over, we are going to stroke
over the whole forehead and all the way down the sides of the face down to the chin and
cup your hands underneath the chin hugging the chin. We want to them stroke up. What
we are trying to do here is make sure that any area that didn’t have any extra attention
during this massage does get touched because those parts of the face might feel a little
bit left out if we don’t get them. So just stroking over the forehead, the chin, all
the way under to the cheeks and then coming up and massaging the temples. Making some
great big circles on the temples, great big circles on the temples, stroking again the
forehead, over the chin and all the way over the chin, up to the temples. We want to do
that one more time, forehead, cheeks, chin, temple. We want to go ahead and give the ears
a little bit of a stretch. So I’m going to help Natalie to turn her head a tiny bit and
we’re going to do each ear so when we are doing the stretching on the ear you might
want to place one hand on the head and touch the ear and warm it up a little bit by doing
a few little strokes just to get the ear warm knowing that we are going to be paying some
attention to the ear. With your hand and your two fingers go ahead and stretch down, hold
for a few seconds and we’re stretching out and then we’re stretching up. The kind of
stretch we are doing when we are pulling the ear it is not so much a pull or a tug it is
actually a gentle stretch so when you are doing this, just a gentle stretch. We are
not pulling too hard, just gentle, we just want to help stretch the ear at these three
different places. So at the bottom we are pulling out and up. You want to do this three
times, up and when you complete both sides go ahead and stroke around. How do you feel,
feel o’kay? Good. I’m Tina Allen from Little Kids and thank you for watching my massage
series of how to help relieve a child’s earache.


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