Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Massaging a Child With Eye Fatigue: Eye Sockets

So with your hands resting right in the middle
of the forehead we’re going to go ahead now and go down to the eye sockets. We want to
trigger some different pressure points in the eyes so finding this one point here first
in the center of the eyes and then to the middle and the outside edge we are making
sure that we are putting pressure right on the bony part of the eye socket. We are not
putting any pressure on the eyelids, we are just walking and having to put a little bit
of pressure on the three different pressure points in the eye socket so walking across
again finding one right here in the middle and then round the outer edge, repeating that
a few times. When you are finishing that stroke go ahead and sooth across the eyebrows, a
nice soothing stroke across the eyebrows, the whole forehead, bringing your hands right
back to the middle and they can rest until you move on to your next stroke.

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