Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Massaging a Child With Eye Fatigue: Eyelids

With your hands resting right here in the
forehead we are going to go ahead and move on to the eyelids. Now when we are doing the
eyelids this is one area where the skin is really thin and we don’t want to apply a lot
of pressure but it can be really soothing to just stroke across the eyelids. With your
hands right here in the center we are going to go ahead and do some strokes on the eyelids
but first we want to sooth across the eyebrows. So stroke across the eyebrows just getting
the area warm and ready for some touch. When you’re massaging or touching the eyebrows
or excuse me the eyelids, you are not massaging, you’re not applying any pressure, you are
just doing a nice soft soothing stroke over the eyelids. Nice and gentle, no pressure.
We’re not pulling the skin, we’re not doing anything. We’re just trying to help stimulate
that area to get this area to relax and not feel any eye fatigue or strain so just really
light over the top of the eyelids and then down and around circling the eyes and then
again back over the eyelids, nice and soft not pulling any skin, just nice and gentle
and around. We are coming back up to the forehead, right to the center to wait and relax to do
your next stroke.


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