Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Massaging a Child With Eye Fatigue: Face

So we want to go ahead and have our hands
right here at the forehead and we want to make sure that the entire face gets some attention
if we haven’t already touched it so we are going to do a general relaxing massage for
the entire face so we’re starting on the forehead and we are stroking down around down the sides
of the face underneath the chin, cupping the chin and coming up, all the way up to the
temples, stopping for a moment, making a few more circles, stroking up to the forehead
and making some strokes right on the forehead, coming down again to the chin and up to the
cheeks, circling the cheeks and coming all the way up and down over the bridge of the
nose, stretching the base of the nose. Again we are just massaging the cheeks, coming all
the way up the sides, back to the forehead, a few strokes up and out on the forehead,
coming out to the sides and bring your hands right to the middle and rest them there until
you move on to the next stroke.

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