Massage for Children With Eye Fatigue : Safety Issues for Massaging Children With Eye Fatigue

Some things to remember when providing massage
for your child is of course, to make sure you have their permission absolutely; to make
sure you have time and obviously, to make sure that they’re feeling okay. To make sure
they’re well enough to receive massage. If a child has a fever or experiencing any kind
of any discomfort where they feel unwell, if they’re ill or uncomfortable, I don’t want
to provide massage, especially if they have a fever. Some of the things to think about
when we think about eye fatigue is some of the causes. What causes it, obviously eye
strain. Just even straining, reading a story, reading any kind of paper, doing your homework
when you don’t have enough lights. In Riley’s case, might be because he’s playing video
games. And we’ve all known that children play video games and watch TV way more than we
would like. So, if they’re using their eyes for excessive amount of time, or under conditions
where there’s not enough light or possibly even, maybe your child might need eye glasses
or something of that nature but it hasn’t been diagnosed it. That can all cause eye
fatigue. So it’s important to think about, just start day to day life, and how there’s
many things that children do that can cause eye fatigue. It’s not unlikely if you hear
that your child might have eye, an eye ache, have blurry vision at all, or even headaches
related to eye fatigue that might be the cause. So well today we’ll look at doing some massage
strokes to help alleviate some of that.

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