Massage To Relieve Stress, Headache And Neck Pain

Find yourself a relaxing place and sit on a comfortable chair with a solid back. Make sure your hair is not tied and brushed through to get rid of any knots. The first step would be to run through your hair from the front to the back with your fingertips. Make sure to apply mild pressure while going downwards towards the base of the skull. Now moving your fingers from the front to the back use your fingertips in a circular motion across your scalp maintaining a gentle but steady pressure. Next do the reverse and run through your hair from the back to the front with your fingertips. Don’t forget to apply mild pressure. Now let’s not forget to massage the side of your scalp as well. All you’ve got to do is move your fingertips straight up and down and then in a circular motion till the back half of your scalp. Isn’t that relaxing! Now for the final two steps. Place your hands on your head like the alphabet C with your fingers above your ears and move your arms. You should feel your scalp moving forward and backward while you move your arms. Now for the final step. Rub your thumb and the tip of your fingers behind your ears making gentle circles around it. Pay attention to your lobes as well. This is a nice and relaxing way to finish up your massage. This massage will relieve tension in the neck, forehead and head and can be extremely relaxing minus burning a hole in your pocket. Until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs.


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