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Have you read about Asperger’s Syndrome? Are you talking about the one Shah Rukh Khan got in the moive My Name is Khan? Shah Rukh Khan has some disease in every movie. It’s an important question. It has been asked 2 times in the exam in past 10 years. Hey, why are you giving us a stare? We had told you to study well. Girls keep on coming but exams come only once a year. Why are you silent? Tell us your problem. Problem is that i have decided to select MBBS and MBBS has decided to f**k me up. Problem is that i wanna live a life in between exams and death. But you need oxygen to live and as doctors we are suppose to provide oxygen to others not us. Tell me why a person wants to do MBBS after f**king up his entire life, Because he can get a hot girl to marry. But that innocent child doesn’t know he will have to fulfil a lot of other demands too. First his parents’, then teachers’, then family’s, then relatives’, then neighbours’, then patients’ And then finally girlfriend’s. And no one can fulfil demands of a girlfriend till date. There can be only two types of boys in MBBS, One those who study and other those who do affair. Because those who study can’t do affair and those who do affair can’t study. And who says you get a girl if you get in to MBBS? You get a study partner instead of a girl. She will be in library forever from the first year to last year. And will also force you to study. Even if you don’t want to. They will tell you to read grey’s anatomy if you have completed B D chaurasia. Their studies will never get over. Asked my girl friend to hang out on a sunday, She replied NO as she still had doubts about few concepts, She wanted to attend PG classes, Exams were coming close. Find me a guy who is really serious about exams after picking up MBBS. All this chaos is created by Grey’s anatomy TV series. Innocent children watch that show and dream about having similar kind of life. But then they realize people discuss length of penile and vaginal urethra in the name of sexting. And after all these tantrums, They want a more qualified person than you to get married. You won’t see them marrying an intern if you are doing Post Graduation. She will wait until she gets some one more qualified than you. She won’t even leave you easily after a break up. She will be keep telling you reasons even if you are convinced. Suddenly she will be more worried about you. She will be interested about your life and studies even more after break up. How can i focus on studies until she stops uploading her selfies on facebook? and stop being Selfish. Learn from Raju Hirani, Why did he made 3 idiots on engineering and Munnabhai MBBS on Medicine? Because 3 idiots had some logic. If it were a medical college, all students would be like silencer of 3 idiots. If someone like Rancho would have come, he must have got backlog in 1st year itself There is no ATKT in MBBS Then he would be saying “all is well” throughout MBBS in casual batch Passion doesn’t work here, you have to cram it up everything. Cram before sleep, cram after waking up, cram all day. In MBBS, no one can take some rest and relax even before sleeping. Normal people believe in “Talk me to sleep” For us it’s only “read me to sleep” Because course is never over. Nowadays even if i hold hand of my girlfriend, i only feel pulsations of radial artery. You people watch news, you see people of JNU and FTII protesting over their problems. Have you ever seen a medical college student protesting? He can’t even do. Who is he to protest for freedom where he himself have to beg for internal marks to get passed? Every college student must be assured of at least passing before exams. But here you don’t get that assurance. Do you know why everyone gets immune with exams till he completes MBBS? Because he knows however hard he studies, they will ask him only that stuff which he hasn’t studied. And those who are really smart, don’t even read before exams. Wake up, get ready and run. A mother’s blessings would be enough to get passed. Do you know why my junior Pushpak got failed in Forensic Medicine? He had prepared well. Examiner asked him “what is death?” He even knew answer. Then examiner asked him about the textbook he studied. And examiner got furious over him for not reading textbook Examiner tortured him for 15 minutes. for not even knowing definition of death. And his patience level is not as much as mine He got frustrated and he spoke. Death??? What is death? “Thinking enemy is more brave than us” is death. “Staying alive in the battlefield after getting scared by enemy” is death. “Not beheading and running away from the guy who disrespected my mother” is death. I am going to kill that death. I am going to tear heart out of that death and say “Hail Mahishmati” The physiology people ask “what is adolescence?” When we joined MBBS we were kids. When we got out, we were old. Adolescence didn’t even come. No one can make an examiner happy. It was easier to kill an enemy with knife in counter strike than making an examiner happy. First college people f**ked us, then these All India guys came to do same. Who told them to keep course so big that no one can even complete? Even a cricket match has 300/350 or maximum 400 runs to chase in 50 overs. Here you have to prepare more MCQs than the seconds you have in a year. No one is scared of not knowing answer in PG entrance exams. Actually we are more scared of the guy sitting next to us getting to know that we don’t know anything. Duckworth lewis system in cricket is easier to understand psychometric analysis system of PG exams. My friend got admission for getting 900.2382 marks But i didn’t get on 900.2381 A human body has 4 basic desires. Food, Water, Sleep and Sex. But a medical student can give up all 4. And these so called medical inventions are actually accidents. From penicillin to pacemaker, from viagra to pap smear, Most of the inventions are results of some mistakes. The guy who invented hand gloves had no intentions to invent something. He was trying to impress a nurse. Trying to protect her from Acid and he finally got married to her too. And some real inventions are actually bad for us. The guy who invented stethoscope was finding it weird to examine a woman’s bare breast with ears so he invented stethoscope. I wanna tell him “bro if you find awkward, why do we suffer?” A great guy had once said… Each medical student has only two things in life. Regrets and Sorry. Regret because we didn’t get the branch we want. And sorry because we could not save your patient. If you die fighting a battle, You still get national rewards or akshay kumar’s movies based on patriotism. And what do we get??? A prick from HIV infected needle. or abuses from patients’ relatives. Still we all are doctors. And those who are not desperately want to be. Do you know why? Because this profession gives us a bribe. Do MBBS now, then life set. Do PG now, then life set. Now get f**d your life, then life set. Life may get set or not later but a guy definitely gets upset after he gets bald. Some times i feel i am playing a video game. You cross one level so the next level will always be more difficult than the first one. Even doing stuff like KRK makes more sense. It happens with everyone. Tomorrow is exam, study rather than wasting time


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