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experts say 75% of children will have at least
one ear infection before the age of
three, and half of those will have more by
the age of four. Parents know the
signs all too well. Fussiness, tugging on
the ear, and a fever. Many times antibiotics
are the answer. But there is another option. Dr. Allison Klug, a chiropractor
at Essentia Health in Fargo, says chiropractic care
for childhood ear pain helps because of what’s
happening inside your child’s ear. DR. ALLISON KLUG: We find
that it’s smaller in kids, and it’s a little
bit more horizontal. So draining some of that
fluid is a little bit harder for them. TRACY BRIGGS: That fluid
buildup can mimic an infection or become a breeding
ground for one. Dr. Klug says chiropractors
can help by working on the upper part of the spine. DR. ALLISON KLUG: So when we
get that upper cervical spine relaxed and moving
through an adjustment, those muscles are able to
relax and fluid can drain through that lymphatic system. TRACY BRIGGS: Getting
the ear to properly drain can prevent a full blown
infection from happening. But if the infection
is currently raging, Dr. Klug says working out
of a major health center like Essentua means she can
easily get additional help. DR. ALLISON KLUG: That’s what’s
great about being here, is I’m able to reach out to a
pediatrician, saying, hey, I’m treating this child. We’re not getting
the best results. What’s our next steps here? And working with whether
it’s antibiotics, whether it’s putting
in the tubes, whether it’s trying
more chiropractic care. You know, that’s a
win-win for all of us. TRACY BRIGGS: Dr.
Klug says for parents cautious about getting
their children adjusted, it’s important to remember
adjustments are modified based upon the size of the patient. And because children have less
muscle tension than adults, they tend to respond to
treatment much more quickly. So if you’re up all night with
a baby crying from ear pain, chiropractic might
be worth considering. With this Essentia
Health Medical Insight, I’m Tracy Briggs.

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