Meet Michael Banitt, M.D., Eye Care Provider | UW Medicine

rewarding parts of the job are several times this
year that I perform surgery on a patient who’s hasn’t been
able to walk into my office when I initially meet them. I performed a corneal
transplant on their eye and they’ve been
able to walk out after the surgery on their own. Maybe with some assistance. But sometimes they
don’t need a cane. Sometimes they don’t
need a family member to hold their hand
and guide them. Seeing that change
really makes an impact and is really rewarding. I’m an ophthalmologist
and I have subspecialty training
in cornea, as well as cornea and external diseases. So I take care of
any eye diseases that involve the anterior
segment, as we say. That includes cataracts,
glaucoma, and cornea, including corneal transplants. It’s a challenging job
being at the University, and you see a wide
variety of patients. They tend to be quite difficult
and challenging problems to take care of. But that keeps it interesting
and rewarding at the same time.

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