Mega Construx Halo Banished Marauder Strike review

hello it’s jang here with a look at a
mega construx set mega construx halo set it came out
in 2018 it’s the banished marauder strike
now i say it came out but did it really didn’t seem to have come out in the
united states doesn’t seem to have come out anywhere other than
canada as best i can tell i might be mistaken on that
feel free to comment or check the comments for existing comments
about the the subject of the release regions for this thing but as far as i
can see it appears to have only shown up at
least reliably in some places in canada i ordered mine
from an individual who bought it in canada so i ordered
this like probably a month before you’re seeing this video here
fortunately it came in good shape and everything
got it actually brand new with the box and everything gonna take a closer look
at it of course it comes with a banished
marauder and a banished brute there’s also a jackal to man the turret
on the back of it this is the most interesting thing here
to me personally it’s the yggdrasil mark 1
j the green machine of sergeant johnson himself uh something basically they made
up for halo wars 2 just for the sake of coming
up with something fun i support that 100 even though i
personally am not a big fan of halo wars 2 just
personal choice just didn’t connect with me the way that the original did
let’s start off taking a closer look at this mech though
yeah get right in there on that mech check out that mech action
everybody knows obviously this is based on you know in universe
it’s all made up of course i mean they just wanted to get
sergeant johnson into halo wars 2 and they wanted him to be
formidable on the on the battlefield so they put him into this suit
that has lots of weapons the whole thing is
based on the the prototype you know the the mark one
suit just like the one in the video that i did where i
reviewed the three mega exo suits that they came up with
one for the banished team one that’s literally the original prototype from
halo legends and then one they did as just an extra the skyfire one and
this is the original incarnation i think this
was the it was either the first or the second
incarnation of this particular suit this particular
system for basically creating a suit for a figure so there is a a full-on
micro-action figure just the standard micro-action figure of sergeant johnson
in there and i will show you what that looks like
removed but before i start taking anything off i want you to see
you know what the whole thing looks like i personally actually find
this to be a little bit better a little bit
higher end if you will than the exo suits
or at least particularly the the prototype mark one the regular mark one
not the j but they did because look you got the
little utility robot arm that comes up
from behind you can fold around and stuff it’s not the whole arm is not able
to rotate from side to side unfortunately
that is one thing that’s definitely missing here
you can rotate the hand but you know it’s nice to be able to access that
actually be able to bring something up nicer still be able to bring a weapon
system up from the back you can’t do that with
the exosuit you know the the proper mark one
prototype one that they did i just think that’s cooler
and this does have a nice little print on the front of that
is it the front or the back i don’t know what you call it the vertical
side of the one by one cheese slope piece you can bring that
back that’s a paint application there for the
shoulder matches on the other side there’s also a
relatively subtle paint application on the top of
each little little foot there just all the way down
the little bit of green that shows up on the top of that now they do include this
small bit of terrain you do not need to use that though the feet have anti-studs
on them so you can connect to things which
allows you to go into weirder pros weirder poses than are
possible without but just as it is these things
are fairly stable if you’re not familiar with this platform this mech platform
again full figure inside so that made it very
difficult to make this work but it actually does
uh work pretty well indeed the uh the hip joint on either side
or the top of the thigh is a ball joint so you can kind of
bring the legs apart not too far there is there are some limits but you
can bring it apart bring them back together
you can move this forward like so and back not quite as much
but it’s not bad and then this has knees so that can go back let me see if i can
actually get this to work right here and stand up on its
own there we go so it is kind of
on the edge right now but you are able to get this into an action pose
without it being on a studded base there we go you know put a little more
time into it you can get it to be more stable than that but the legs do
work pretty properly you may need to rotate some of the
the smaller joints on these the smaller socket joints to get some of the poses
that you want i found that to be more the case for the
arms especially now the arms are able to like at the
shoulders they’re able to rotate all the way up like you can look at that
how far you can go back you can keep going as well bring this
this way like so that’s good and then obviously
it has elbows that can be right up and down strangely
by default mega has you build this with the with
the joint in a weird orientation where you’re not able
to really flex the the elbow effectively it’s just odd
so rotate it around and then you have just a normal range of motion that makes
sense the gatling gun can be spun around
that’s nice and on the other side you have a usable hand has a hole on the
top of it so anything the size of a regular bar
piece from mega such as the uh just the hand the main grip
the vertical grip of most weapons will fit into there just regular figure
weapons so yeah that all it all works out pretty
well it’s you know it’s small the whole thing
is small and there’s a lot there there are so many
components here that it feels a little bit awkward for me
to manipulate everything but you can get it into poses that you want
that’s what’s most important and it doesn’t fall apart like a
generation a second generation cyclops
they did nice things with the the joints in terms of their ranges of motion with
those but these are just more stable generally
speaking the sergeant johnson figured
all right let’s get this over with let’s just
rip the bandage off those eyes come on really making me uncomfortable
right there just these huge corneas
tiny little pupils this is like pupils with no irises
i don’t know i mean there’s some consistency there it looks like it’s
done on purpose but it’s just too much i mean the eyes the whites of the eyes
needs to be i don’t know 15 20 smaller or something
like this something like that for this scale of
figure so yeah just tend to get that out of the
way it’s weird right uh that mustache though the mustache
looks like it’s crooked if that was a mistake in production it’s
a wonderful mistake because it really adds so much
character to the facial expression if it’s not a
mistake i strongly strongly salute the designer
because that’s great that it totally makes the face
even even with the weird eyes the crooked mustache you makes it look like
he’s making a certain expression with his mouth and it’s just
right uh the rest of the figure looks good
now most of the armor pieces all the add-on armor pieces
do have to be stripped off to put him into
the walker to put him into the mech but that’s no big deal you know
takes a minute or so and i like the parts generally looks pretty
good the color match is not all there
between the armor pieces and the hat i don’t even i don’t know if it really
needs to be i think i would have liked to see it
matched a bit better but just generally it’s a pretty good
looking figure it comes with just the assault rifle it is the
the modern style with the ability to attach
accessories to it so you can put muzzle accessories on the end
and also put optic pieces up on top and yeah that’s it for that oh yeah this
one does not come with that little black base piece there’s actually no special
base piece for this figure in this set the marauder is
nice you know i personally was more interested in the green machine
neck but after building this i find myself
more satisfied with the marauder side of it
i feel like this is just a great thing to to mass up a little bit or
at least have a couple of you know just imagine having
two of these side by side one a little bit farther forward
than the other one with the turret turned off to
one side the other one looking forward it just it just looks
good and looks like something you want to have
multiples of the build of it is kind of cool kind of interesting
kind of unexpected as well i was not expecting
this in particular the ability to turn those two little front pods
from side to side now as i was building this i was
a lot more happy with it than i am now this feature right here the steering
feature because as you’re building it you have a
lot more range of motion and then you put the center section on
and then it limits it a lot but it’s better to have something than
nothing it’s nice that these are linked you know give it a little little magic
has a little just engineering to it makes it a little
bit more cool i like how these parts come around the
sides it’s a super simple part of the build
but it works very effectively you can actually tune the angles of these
rear little bits like you could on a wraith i don’t know if they’re supposed
to go up and down again i just didn’t play enough halo wars 2
myself but just generally speaking this thing
looks pretty proper to me the turret has no friction whatsoever it
would have been nice to have some but it’s not that big of a deal really
cool thing here is that this does actually shoot
you see the little bolt it’s one of those smaller ones this is the trigger
up on top and just uh just push that in see if i can catch it right
here uh yeah push that down there we go yeah
i did you may have noticed i kind of put a finger or a thumb underneath here
if you’re not careful with this at all you may
actually bend some parts apart you just put it back together but
it’s not the most durable of builds i will say that
especially back in here and then the cockpit section is probably the
the least completer um no the the worst part of it i guess
just has the the worst fit and finish once
you actually put a figure in there now this has wonderful printing
you know got all these scratches on the sides here scratches on the front
good detailing just good texture and everything
but it’s really stressing to fit that brood in there you kind of need to move
his his armor pieces around a bit and just
kind of squeeze everything in there to make him just barely fit now once he
does fit he’s fitting about right there’s also a
little printed console piece for him that’s a
trans blue piece so that’s pretty nice but let me pull this up so you can see
inside yeah it’s just skirting by and actually
let’s spread these side bits a little if you’re yeah if you don’t get
it just right then when you if you just try to
suddenly close it you’ll actually pop one of these off
again just a little a little bit of a lack of
durability with that put that back on this can also be put out of place
a bit so you could just open that up to give him just a small little access door
i guess but he sits in there in a very
comfortable chair i will say that before you bring all the top part down
it’s a very comfy looking seat his feet get out of the way they’re way
down in there i do need to pull them out unfortunately
in order to show you that seat because look at those cushions man
i just want to sit in that see what that feels like
could use a little bit more base cushion but just
it looks like it would just gobble you up like you just sit
way down in there like a really good recliner
nice color and nice parts but yeah that’s that and then you know the
figure stays in place the driver figure stays in place by holding on to these
controls those are good so generally speaking
most of this i think is done pretty well but the
accommodation for the figure not the best does have these
uh dome pieces inverted dome pieces on the other side to allow it to
you know be moved around supposed to be a hovering craft
and that gives a little bit of elevation off the ground as well
so yeah works out pretty well maybe this this whole base
is a little bit awkward maybe there’s a little bit too much of it
present but generally speaking i just think the thing will look really really
nice on display even better with a pair of
them the banished brute looks bad
not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good of course
obviously just that color scheme it’s not
black the armor pieces are not black they’re dark gray
very dark gray no metallic flake in them as far as i can see
but the paint is like a you know it’s it’s just
slightly magenta of red it’s almost like a wine
but even slightly more magenta than that and that has metallic flake in it
very subtle though not big glittery pieces just a little bit adds a little
bit of sheen a little bit of shine changes how it
uh just refracts the light depending upon the angle so that’s pretty good i
like the overall color scheme for the whole thing yeah
the spiker there and the uh the skin tone for this one is also
nice and dark so it just goes with it really well nothing really
spoils the the color scheme here the weapon is a little bit bright in
silver but i’m okay with that contrast only one the
only thing i did not like about this one in particular
it actually came halfway assembled from the factory
with the armor on and everything with the helmet on but
the armor piece is super loose super loose look at that
barely grabbing on at all i feel like that’s probably just a
an issue that they had for an entire batch
and that’s the reason that they decided to pre-assemble them
kind of just so that we would get past that stage it’s probably a
little thing of embarrassment i don’t know if that may have contributed to
this not being released as widely you know just
finding that quality control issue fortunately it’s not that big of an
issue uh it stays on it’s just it’s just a
little loose but once you put the helmet on it’s not
going to come off or anything so still works just had to point it out
because it is a little boo-boo and lastly a jackal is this a jackal is
it a jackal a jackal jackal it’s a jackal it looks like a
jackal jackal jackal it’s a jackal jackal yes it is a jackal
and it’s a pretty good looking one uh i don’t think that’s a skin tone that
they’ve used for any of the covenant forces before
it’s a little darker and it has a little uh
it’s it’s more saturated than usual and i like it
it’s pretty cool and the paint applications for the face are on point
the eye with the slit very good teeth yes
the tongue yes the little tuft on the top has a little bit of overspray around
the sides but it’s not bad you can kind of look at it as being a
good thing and just generally the build for this
is well like an elite isn’t it very very very much like an elite
but that’s okay the overall stance works for me as a little plasma pistol you
know the modern style and silver which is cool and yeah just
generally speaking it’s a pretty good figure i’d say
might be the most realistic uh most well done figure
of the three in this set yeah it’s it’s just good though banished
marauder strike pretty decent set overall presents
pretty well does have its little flaws but on the
whole pretty worthy too bad most of us
have not been able to get it and never will be able to get it
i was very lucky that i was able to get one that wasn’t marked up
too too much on the aftermarket after all this time
but yeah no need to really talk much more
about mega’s distribution issues it’s been beaten way beyond the point of
being a dead horse and they’re working on it
evidently yes i am hyped for halo infinite uh
increasingly so did see the reveal of the first three sets from mega
they look pretty good they don’t look like they’re going to change my life or
anything but they do look pretty good i’m especially looking forward
to that pelican but all that stuff is way off in the future
we’ve got a long ways to go until then i’ll be making
more content for you to check out so thank you for watching thanks for
sticking with me and i’ll talk to you in as soon as i can you


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